Are Toronto Blue Jays Getting A Free Pass?


Good debate on Twitter tonight.

Imagine if in the off season the Maple Leafs traded prized prospects and kids for a complete overhaul of the franchise. They fired their coach and brought back an old one, say Ron Wilson and expectations heading into the season were high as a kite and then unfortunately the team struggled in the first few games of the season.

Can you imagine the roasting the team, the players, the GM and the coach would bet getting?

Call in shows, articles, editorials, cartoons…..

The Leafs would be getting blasted, despite the fact the season was barely underway.

Not saying any of the criticism would be warranted, but we all know it would be there.

Here the Toronto Blue Jays are and for the most part they are being left alone. Not too many articles being written about the manager or the GM are there?

For whatever reason there is a double standard in this town on how those who cover the teams do so. If this were the Leafs, they’d be getting blasted. The Jays? Not so much.

I am not saying all is lost for the Blue Jays. Hell, I am watching them every night. I am saying that they are getting much easier treatment from the press than the Leafs ever do. That’s a fact.


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