Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, April 29, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Sid Seixeiro, co-host of Tim & Sid, Sportsnet590

  • Seixeiro thinks that Tim Leiwicke’s hiring as CEO of MLSE means that Bryan Colangelo is not going to be retained as GM of the Raptors
  • Bob isn’t so sure that Colangelo should be fired, and that somebody new can fix the Raptors
  • Seixeiro thinks that the Raptors should hire Phil Jackson as president, Bob doesn’t think Jackson’s reputation as a coach means he’d be a good executive, points out Michael Jordan’s failures running teams
  • Bob and Seixeiro briefly talk about Don Cherry’s comments about women in NHL dressing rooms, thinks that he twisted something that was not an issue into what he wanted to talk about

Second segment: Interview with Jeff Blair, Globe and Mail baseball columnist, host of the Jeff Blair Show, Sportsnet590

  • Bob and Blair talk about book stuff
  • Blair is not that panicked about the Blue Jays and thinks you can’t start firing Gibbons or the coaches just to make a change
  • Blair thinks the Jays need a strong left handed bat like Justin Morneau, and Colby Rasmus and Adam Lind need to go

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment with Damien Cox

  • Bob and Brunt talk about Don Cherry’s comments about how women shouldn’t be allowed in NHL dressing rooms, Cox invites himself in
  • Cox and Brunt talk about how people are almost never naked in dressing rooms nowadays and most rooms have their own separate space for players to go and change
  • Bob thinks that it made no sense for Cherry to bring this issue up when the incident that was being talked about had nothing to do with women and naked players
  • Bob, Brunt and Cox talks about the Leafs making the playoffs, Bob thinks they have no chance against the Bruins
  • Cox thinks the Bruins will win the series but that the Leafs might not be as badly matched up against them as people think because the Bruins have not played well lately

Second segment: Interview with Buddy Nix, Buffalo Bills General Manager

  • Nix talks about the NFL draft and why the Bills took the players they did

Third segment: Interview with Doug Gilmour, former NHL player

  • Gilmour talks about the Leafs in the playoffs, and thinks they could have a chance against the Bruins

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

  • Ryan talks about NBA player Jason Collins coming out as being gay, says it’s great but that it’s too bad it wasn’t a player who is better because Collins may be out of the NBA out of merit
  • Ryan talks about Seattle and Sacramento fighting over the NBA Kings, thinks that Seattle should get it
  • Ryan thinks Atlanta is a bad sports town and should lose all their teams
  • Brunt asks for the Boston perspective on the Leafs/Bruins match up, Ryan says that the Bruins are playing badly and the Leafs should not fear them
  • Ryan talks about the Boston Celtics saving their series against the Knicks, doesn’t think the Celtics will win the next game
  • Bob asks about Matt Barkley, a college QB who chose not to go in the draft last year and this year dropped to the fourth round, and should it be a cautionary tale?  Ryan says it will be cited as a cautionary tale
  • Ryan points out that Andrew Luck did choose to go back for another year and it worked out for him

Second segment: Interview with Cassie Campbell-Pascall, CBC hockey analyst

  • Campbell-Pascall is on to talk about Don Cherry’s comments about female reporters in male dressing rooms
  • Campbell-Pascall doesn’t think that Keith was sexist at all and not sure what Cherry’s rant had to do with it
  • Campbell-Pascall thinks that Don Cherry’s statement was misinformed and outdated, and that reporters (male or female) have no access to the showering areas or other areas that people would be naked
  • Campbell-Pascall says she’s disappointed that Don Cherry has not clarified his words, but doesn’t need an apology from him
  • Bob asks if Campbell-Pascall not having any problems interviewing male players has to do with her fame as a hockey player, she says she thinks it does, and she’s treated as a former player by them
  • Campbell-Pascall says that it’s different with the women because they are playing in small facilities where there’s only one room with showers, and so they do interviews outside, but for some tournaments cameras and reporters come into the changeroom

Third segment: Interview with Jim Buzinski,

  • Buzinski says that if Jason Collins doesn’t get signed by a team in the off-season, the impact of his coming out might be a bit muted, but it’s still an important story
  • Buzinski hopes that Jason Collins doesn’t get signed for being gay by an owner who wants a token, wants him signed by merit
  • Bob asks if more players will come out now, Collins says that he doesn’t think it’ll make anybody speed up their decisions because there’s a lot of things players have to think about before coming out


Bob seems pretty adamant against having Phil Jackson as president of the Raptors.  It came up again today and he was even more skeptical and against it than he was on Friday.  Sid seemed to think it was a good idea, but seemed stuck for a response when Bob brought up Michael Jordan.

I think the stuff about Don Cherry was pretty good, mostly in that it was fixing a lot of misinformation that was coming out in the wake of his statements.  I think because Don Cherry was talking about locker rooms from 40, 50 years ago, it gave the impression for those that didn’t know better that it was still like that and athletes were all being interviewed naked, when that’s not true and Cox, Brunt and Campbell-Pascall all spoke to that.  Also, as to reporters in women’s dressing rooms, it’s interesting that people seem to have forgotten that this issue came up a few years ago when the Ines Sainz kerfuffle happened, and that it’s already been pointed out that male reporters are allowed in WNBA locker rooms (and as Campbell-Pascall pointed out, for hockey players, no reporters are allowed in because of how small the facilities are, it’s not segregated by gender).  It’s another misconception that happened because Don Cherry made an assumption and wasn’t corrected on it during his rant.

And like everybody on PTS today, I also think Don just took a story that really had nothing to do with sexism or women around naked men and turned it into an excuse for him to rant on a pet issue.  I was a little worried about how Bob would handle himself today given that I still remember how he acted back when the Ines Sainz thing was news, so I was cringing a little when TSM commenter Alex told me they were talking about it, but I think Bob handled himself well.

I thought the Buzinski interview was pretty good, even though it was short.  I liked that he talked about how coming out is a personal choice with a lot of issues to consider for every person, and so Collins’ decision won’t necessarily change what others do, because he’s right and I think it was important to just say that gay people are all individuals with their own situations they have to worry about.

Blair and Bob used up most of their segment to talk about book publishing stuff, so they didn’t get much chance to talk baseball, but I’m impressed by how non-panicky Bob is.  Not that I really expected him to panic, but he’s been the most vocal about the Jays needing to make improvements over the past few years, and how impatient he is to see a winner, so I wondered if he’d crack, but it appears he’s still waiting to see what happens.

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