Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, April 30, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Sid Seixeiro and Tim Micallef

  • Bob, Sid and Tim talk about Whoopi Goldberg’s (lack of) eyebrows, The Score, shoes and Dragon’s Den

Second segment: Rob Becker, Sportsnet legal analyst and New York based lawyer

  • Bob asks if the potential owner of the Seattle NBA franchise can sue the NBA for choosing to keep the team in Sacramento, Becker says he can’t and thinks that when he says he’ll “fight” he means that he’ll try to persuade the NBA to change their minds, not legal action
  • Becker talks about the owner of the Cleveland Browns’ owner being investigated by the FBI for fraud

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with John Amaechi, former NBA player

  • Bob asks Amaechi if it’s an issue that Jason Collins didn’t have such a big sports profile, Amaechi says that it’s an issue for the media because they would want a higher profile athlete, but the impact wouldn’t necessarily be bigger for the people it matters to
  • Bob asks if Jason Collins coming out will empower others to come out, Amaechi says he doesn’t think it necessarily will and that it’s too easy to just put everything on one man coming out and pretend that it will change everything and us, as individuals, no longer need to fight for equality, he points out all the inequalities that gay people still face in the US, including being fired or denied housing
  • Brunt asks what Collins wanted to talk to Amaechi about before he came out, Amaechi says Collins just wanted to talk to him to sort out ideas on coming out and what to expect
  • Bob asks if Collins will be perceived differently now that he’s come out, Amaechi says that some people will see him as “the gay guy” now instead of Amaechi the basketball player or as a big black man
  • Brunt asks how long until another gay male athlete in North American team sports comes out, Amaechi says it might not be long, but if the question is when will everybody come out, then it might be a while because one person coming out is not the issue, but if it’s about the wider culture and society
  • Amaechi says that this is still an important statement for Collins to come out
  • After the interview, Brunt talks about how Amaechi was saying that Jason Collins won’t change the world, the world has to change to accept gay people

Second segment: Interview with Elliotte Friedman, CBC hockey analyst

  • Friedman talks about the playoff match-ups and the Detroit Red Wings making the playoffs when it looked like they might not
  • Bob wonders if the Wings are this year’s 2012 Los Angeles Kings and be a low seed that goes into the playoffs hot and win it, Friedman doesn’t think the two teams are comparable
  • Bob doesn’t think Minnesota will be able to handle Chicago

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob talks about the Blue Jays, says that if the Jays get swept by Boston, the season is over, says they have to at least win 2
  • Brunt thinks the Jays need to show some signs of life, not necessarily sweep the Red Sox but show signs of turning it around

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Buck Martinez, Sportsnet baseball analyst

  • Martinez talks about the struggles of the Toronto Blue Jays, says that while it’s early, if they get swept by the Red Sox, it will be really hard to crawl out of that hole
  • Brunt asks if the players are still learning about each other, Martinez thinks they are
  • Martinez thinks Brandon Morrow will set the tone tonight for the team and pitch well

Second segment: Interview with Steve Fainaru, ESPN

  • Fainaru talks about the controversy around the autopsy on Junior Seau’s brain and the fight from various parties to gain possession of it, and that his son doesn’t trust the surgeon that was going to do the autopsy
  • Bob asks if the evidence that Fainaru has uncovered indicates that the NFL is attempting to control the process and the results, Fainaru says that the NFL is definitely trying to control the process, but that the Seau family thinks it’s a positive thing they got involved
  • Fainaru says that since the NFL is facing a lawsuit about player concussions accusing it of covering up the link between football and concussions, and so it’s suspicious to some people that the NFL is trying to control the autopsy and work around some of the lead researchers
  • Fainaru talks about how the NFL has donated a lot of money into the National Institute of Health where Seau’s brain now is, and that Boston University, since receiving a donation from the NFL, has been very aggressive that football leads to brain damage, and that’s why the NFL is now trying to direct research away from BU

Third segment: Interview with Don Banks, Sports Illustrated

  • Banks talks about Tim Tebow and that he doesn’t appear to have a future in the NFL and that the Alouettes hold his rights in the CFL and they don’t appear to have any interest in him, and he might have to go to the arena league


I think Bob didn’t expect the Amaechi interview to go the way he did.  To me, it seemed like Bob was expecting Amaechi to talk about how Collins coming out would “open the floodgates” (which is what Bob has always maintained) and lots of gay male athletes would come out and that it has changed a lot of societal attitudes, and Amaechi instead talked about how this doesn’t change all that much.  I was actually really impressed with Amaechi and his analysis that he thinks some people are putting a lot of social change expectations on Collins coming out and ignoring that the real work has to come from all of us, and fighting homophobia, and he cited examples of the challenges still facing the LGBT community in America.  Bob seemed a little off during the interview from that point on because I think he expected something else, but I think Brunt did a good job of unpacking what Amaechi was trying to say to Bob.

The Tim & Sid segment seemed to have nothing to do with sports, and mostly the “men’s lifestyle” stuff that the 3 of them often seem to talk about, though I don’t really know if talking about Oprah Winfrey’s eyebrows is a men’s interest issue.

Bob seems more panicky today about the Jays than yesterday.  He’s still not at fire anybody yet (though he thinks that the hitting coach will be sacrificed if the slide continues), but he seemed to think the season would be over if the Jays don’t win this week’s Red Sox series.  Brunt seemed more calm about it.  This is the second day in a row, though, that Bob’s “wondered” if the hitting coach will be sacrificed, and usually when Bob pushes something like this framing it as what “others” think it usually means he’s thinking alon those lines too.

The Fainaru interview was really interesting, but also a bit dense, and I had to listen to it multiple times to write up the points.  For those interested in what’s going on with Seau’s brain, it might be worth a listen though.  Likewise, I think the Becker interview was pretty informative too.

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