Changes In The Air In Canadian Sports Media World


Happy Friday all.

Do you remember when this article was written?

“Co-anchors Jay Onrait, 37, and O’Toole, 36, have become national celebrities in Canada, akin to the star status afforded SportsCenter stars Keith Olbermann and Craig Kilborn in the U.S. in the 1990s. YouTube clips of the pair’s antics have racked up hundreds of thousands of views.”

Well, be careful what you ask for…

Multiple sources are telling me that boh Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are headed south, south of the border. No, the duo aren’t headed for greener pastures in Bristol Connecticut, the duo are headed to Fox Sports who is now fully focused on taking on ESPN!

When this is all happening hasn’t been confirmed at least to me, but I am told it’s a done deal.

Who is replacing the popular duo on TSN? I have no clue. Yet.

Canada continues to be a good training ground for US media companies to grab top notch talent. These two certainly aren’t the first. They won’t be the last. No, this isn’t a plug for the fine folks at the College of Sportsmedia, but if I was young and looking to get in the business I know where I’d be going to school.

It will be VERY interesting to see how the duo’s “Schtick” plays in the USA. I couldn’t be happier for the duo, opportunity only knocks so many times and when it does…..

More details to follow.

I have one more piece of news to share, but need to confirm it’s validity, but it’s print related. Stay tuned


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