The Ever Changing Landscape Of Print Media In Canada


A happy Derby Day to you all!

When I started this blog way back in June of 2008 the field covering sports media in Toronto and more so in Canada was crowded. Chris Zelkovich covered the beat for the Toronto Star, William Houston did the same for the Globe and Mail with Bruce Dowbiggin filling in and taking over when Houston left.

Zelkovich left the Star, with occasional coverage from various writers. The National Post doesn’t have a dedicated sports media writer and neither does the Toronto Sun.

Well, neither now does the Globe and Mail.

Multiple sources tell me that The Globe and Mail has not renewed the contract of Bruce Dowbiggin. Originally I was told that it was a labor formality in that Dowbiggin was an independent contractor and due to legal issues the Globe wasn’t signing any new contractor agreements. However, over the last couple of days sources have told me that’s not the case, and rather his contract just wasn’t renewed.

Calls to the Globe and Mail weren’t returned.

I am told however that the Globe will be asking other writers to cover sports media stories as they occur.

So, some 5 years later the all the major print outlets no longer cover those who cover the games.

Don’t fret, I’m still here!!!

Happy Saturday and may your horse win, place or show!!!


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