Thank God For DGB

I’ve the same thing to about 15 people today and yelled at both Toronto radio stations as I heard the retort. However, few can articulate it better than this:

“In the aftermath of a collapse like Monday’s, people outside a fan base have a strange compulsion to want those inside it to rank the night. Where does the Bergeron game rank compared to the Roenick game, or the Momesso game, or the Fraser game, or the Gelinas game, or the Gretzky game? Can you make a list?

It sounds like fun, but it misses the point. Games like Monday’s aren’t something that a sports fan wants to organize like library books on a shelf. That’s reserved for the good stuff, where you want to argue and debate and relive all the little details. You don’t rank Those Games, because that would involve thinking about them.

Those Games don’t get neatly filed away. They get tossed into a messy pile somewhere in your sports fan psyche. They’re the landfill in your backyard. You still know they’re there. You’ll walk by them every day. But you don’t want to wade in and look around. Why would you? No good ever comes from it.

So true on this day we lick our wounds!

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