Questions Abound In Toronto Sports Media


Here are somethings that have me go hmmmmmmmmmm

While watching the Leafs about to implode during game 7 the CBC showed MLSE exec Tom Anselmi rubbing elbows with Dave Nonis and the hockey braintrust. One question, why?

“How did it feel to turn around to see the puck behind you in the net and realize that the season was over” Someone asked James Reimer that last night after the disaster. Two questions, who and why?

TSN and Rogers each own a healthy portion of the Leafs and Raptors. They’ve agreed to split the radio rights of the Leafs. Last night was TSN’s turn and yet the Fan felt compelled enough to run it’s own feed too. One question, REALLY? Are things that desperate at the Fan?

Eventually the two stations will share the Raptors radio games too. If it were game 7 of the Raptors vs. Celtics last night and it was TSN’s game to broadcast, would the Fan have run it’s own version of the game too?

My baseball knowledge is limited at best. I admit it. However, many in the game and in the media tell me the same thing. Alex Anthopoulos apparently didn’t appreciate the lack of respect he received from former Blue Jays skipper John Farrell who allegedly talked down to his boss, the GM. Farrell, I’m told would tell Alex Anthopoulos to “trust him” and Farrell’s baseball experience ( as opposed to Anthopoulos’s).

So, when Anthopoulous says things like that “HE has “kicked around” the possibility of piggy-backing relievers Lincoln and Brett Cecil in a potential spot start.” is that telling us why he selected a John Gibbons as his manager? Can’t see the GM kicking around anything that has to do with the rotation had he hired an experienced or seasoned (veteran) manager could you? Did the GM hire someone he could influence?

Jeff O’neil on TSN radio this morning speaking about James Reimer ” I don’t know if you fall in love with a guy who doesn’t get the job done. I loved Potvin until cujo showed up”. O’Neil’s like a few others has said something I believe to be spot on (not that you care what I think), the crushing loss should force Nonis to not fall in love with his team.

A few MSMer’s have asked me what I think about O’Neil as an analyst. Personally, I think he’s a nice breath of fresh air in a very crowded space. I like his bluntness and his unwillingness to to say something just because it’s going to be popular. However, someone (hello College of Sports Media) needs to work with O’Neil. He sounds too unprofessional and actually too unpolished to trust or listen to much longer. The good news is he gets it. That you can’t teach. The delivery can be taught.

Hats off to Jeff Blair for sticking to the Baseball daily show despite the Maple Leafs playoff, ummmm, run. I do wonder if anyone besides me is listening to that show though. Are you?

Blair’s sidekick Dirk Hayhurst takes shots at his colleague Mike Wilner on a daily basis. I say this all the time, I don’t know how Wilner does the post game stint with the Blue Jays and maintains any degree of sanity. I do also wonder how much of this Blue Jays allegiance is authentic.

Ok, the game, series and season is over for the Maple Leafs. Please stop telling us about how badly we and the players should feel about the collapse. I’m pretty sure that Leaf fans know how to feel thank you very much. What I want to read and hear from the experts isn’t what Nonis’s options are, but rather what the so called experts think he should do. Can anyone do that?

One question about the Leafs as fingers are getting pointed. Is Tyler Bozak to be penalized or blamed for not being a 1st line center? I mean, isn’t it on the coach or GM for putting a guy in a role he can’t play? Can you say the same thing for captain Dion? If the Leafs had a bonafide 1st line center would the evaluation of Bozak as a second line center at least be “fair”?

Lastly, I’m sure the stats guru’s will prove me wrong here but did Joffrey Lupul totally go missing in game 6 and 7 for the Leafs. I’m a huge Lupul fan but it seemed it me that the guy who has been lights out since he came back from his injury disappeared in the last two games.

Ok, that’s my rant.

I am out of here….


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