The End Of The Colangelo Era?


It’s the OBIT written before the actual death, but there are some good and some interesting article out there tonight on the end of Bryan Colangelo’s tenure as Toronto Raptors President and GM.

First up, the Globe and Mail:

“The Raptors have yet to confirm the move, but a source within the organization confirmed that the one-time NBA executive of the year will no longer be calling the shots when it comes to the team’s future direction.
“He’s not the happiest guy,” said the source, who did not want to be identified as the club has yet to officially announce the change.

He may not be happy, but it sounds like he will still be employed. Not the worst thing in the world given his performance.

Mike Ganter in the Toronto Sun:

“He will be offered a corporate, non-basketball role, according to reports.

It will be a little surprising if Colangelo accepts the offer given that basketball deals and the everyday operation of the roster were his life for so long.”

Call me crazy, but if published reports are true, and MLSE has gone out it’s way to offer him a job, I’d assume they did so knowing he want to stay. Otherwise they have all the cash in the world to pay him off.

Ryan Wolstat in the Toronto Sun:

“Instead of sitting through a year or two of further development, adding one more top talent through the draft and waiting until a top talent was available to the highest bidder, the Raptors opted to try to surge ahead.

By signing quality imports Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa, the team became instantly competitive, though with a limited ceiling.”

Do you remember when the Raptors were flying high, the Leafs were about to get ready to tie the can to JFJ and the battle cry was that MLSE needed to find the hockey version of Colangelo for the Leafs…..

Paul Jones:

“Finally, what becomes of Bryan Colangelo? Is there a job for him in Toronto outside of running the team? Since it has taken such a long time for a decision to be made on his future in Toronto, he has certainly missed out on other opportunities. The right thing for MLSE may be to pick up his option for the year and find him a role with the organization that can help the team and give him time to look for another basketball opportunity if things don’t work out in Toronto.”

Michael Grange:

“The first shoe drops Tuesday morning when Colangelo will be officially removed from his duties with the Raptors.

It’s hardly a controversial move. He’s in his last year of his contract and his team has missed the playoffs for the last five seasons while recording the 23rd worst winning percentage in the NBA during his seven years in charge.

But what is surprising is that multiple sources have confirmed that Colangelo will remain with MLSE in some capacity in the near term, even with some input into the basketball operations he has theoretically been relieved of running.”

Doug Smith in the Toronto Star:

“Sources suggest minority owner Larry Tanenbaum may have been involved in the process of finding a suitable and significant position for Colangelo, a process that was still being finalized Monday afternoon, according to sources.
What Colangelo’s role will be remains unclear but sources are adamant it won’t include the current title. However, with 18 years as an NBA executive, Colangelo would surely have some insight to offer to whomever takes on whatever role MLSE ownership has in mind; he is not expected, however, to have the ultimate say in personnel matters.”

Bruce Arthur in the National Post

“According to sources familiar with the move, Colangelo is not expected to have any role in basketball operations, as difficult as that is to believe. He is a basketball lifer who lives for the deal, the chatter, the chase. It was his best and his worst attribute, and even though he liked to branch out at MLSE — it was said he personally designed the three-part detachable podium that is used in the media room — basketball has been his life.”

Eric Koreen in the National Post

“From the Raptors’ perspective, this was handled poorly. The decision was left almost entirely up to Leiweke, and he moved slowly. Colangelo even attended the league’s pre-draft combine representing the Raptors, even though all of the involved parties thought that he would not still be running the team in a week’s time. He will likely represent the Raptors at Tuesday’s draft lottery, too. For a franchise looking for some credibility, this was not handled smoothly.”

More tomorrow when apparently this becomes official. Keep your eye on Yahoo sports, they appear to own this story.


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