Is There A New King Of Negativity In Toronto Sports Media


Long long ago, I started this blog out of frustration of the lack of objectivity in the Toronto sports media market. Granted all the teams sucked, but wow was the coverage ever dark. Things certainly have changed since then, making it a tad harder to rip the who do the “covering”. It’s much harder to find the chicken little scribe when they used to be everywhere. These days it seems that many a reporter spend their time talking fans down off the ledge whereas before we were all idiots for being fans.

Well, I think I have found our new King of negativity.

“On Friday, Ujiri consented to become the fifth full-time general manager of the Toronto Raptors. Rarely has that verb seemed so apt.
He dragged this out just long enough to embarrass MLSE, who had gone over the top in dangling a salary in the reported $3 million (U.S.) a year range.”

When was the last time a new personality in a position of importance was given the cold shower this quickly?

The Star’s Cathal Kelly it seems is our new anti Toronto sports writer. It’s not just this article, although it’s a gem, his body of work speaks for itself.

Let’s focus on this one though.

“For the next few days, we’ll all hold hands together and dream. We’ll imagine that this team isn’t really trapped in a roster dead-end. We’ll pretend that the trees Bryan Colangelo saw, Ujiri will properly identify as a forest.
For now, we’ll accept the magical proposition of every change on every team in history — this time, it’ll be different.
We’ll kid ourselves that all this can be fixed easily.”

The ink isn’t dry on the contract, those who actually follow the team haven’t even been able to actually find the sentiment of hope and yet here’s the cold dose of prediction. Unless the new boss is able to walk on water……

I don’t know, maybe I’m overly sensitive. I just don’t know the last time a GM or coach took over and got this kind of reception. How did the team Burke took over compare to this Raptor squad? Yes, I agree the task here is immense. Can you fault MLSE for trying? Can’t the fans enjoy it for one day?

“How are you going to get rid of Bargnani?
Who is your backup point guard?
Given that there is only one year remaining on Kyle Lowry’s deal, and the fact he has proven nothing thus far, who’s your starting point guard?
In fact, who’s your everything minus the wings? You’ve got nothing but wings. Push the team bus off a cliff and it ought to be able to fly.
Even still, if DeMar DeRozan comes back and still can’t shoot the three, what then?
If Rudy Gay comes back and it turns out it wasn’t his eyes after all, what then?
Do you want the up-tempo sort of team you had in Denver?
Does coach Dwane Casey fit (given his good relationship with Ujiri, we presume it will, as it should)?
Had the Raptors stayed the course, there were a few sure things — that Jonas Valanciunas would be allowed to continue developing slowly, that Aaron Gray would return to spell him, that Amir Johnson would be allowed to continue on as the emotional cornerstone in the middle.
That’s all up in the air now.”

All up in the air now???????

What was it when the season ended? A guaranteed what?

The guy is taking over a mess.

I’d rather have a guy take over a mess he didn’t create then the guy who did.

The fact it is a mess isn’t new.

I don’t know. It seems like an article that doesn’t say much other than bahhh humbug.

Maybe it’s me. He seems to write that a lot.


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