Is MLB Killing The Goose?


As part of my pre-bed ritual I take a tour of several newspapers. I’ll admit I didnt see all that much out there that caught my eye until I saw Cathal Kelly’s latest article. I happen to think he’s wrong, but I am thoroughly intrigued by the notion that he writes about. Specifically he is saying that MLB is hurting itself by pursuing those MLB players who may have used performance enhancing drugs. If you haven’t read the article you should. Again, I don’t agree with him, but I think it’s an interesting take.

“Much of what led up to this point is his own fault. The drugs, the tone-deaf contract disputes, the shady business interests, the mistake of running afoul of the New York tabs, getting mixed up with Madonna.

But from here on out, Major League Baseball is to blame. They are in the process of destroying one of their all-time greats and many other current brand champions. One wonders what they think they will get out of it.”

The he, is Alex Rodriguez.

I am curious. Do you think baseball is wrong, or to blame for trying to go after A-Rod and others?

Let me ask it another way, if A-Rod was dirty all along, is he a brand that MLB should be championing?

“Will it teach anyone a lesson?
Again, we’re back to imagining. One wonders what lesson baseball thinks is being taught? That drugs are bad? Rodriguez has three MVPs; Braun has one; Cabrera might have taken one last year if he hadn’t been nailed with a PED suspension.
Drugs demonstrably help your career. In reminding people who’s doing them, you are reinforcing this lesson to young players — Get on drugs.”

That’s certainly an angle I had never considered. Maybe I am wrong, but if A-Rod’s career is forever tainted as being drug enhanced what exactly is he left with. Will people still be idolizing him? I guess the conclusion you are left with in reading this is that MLB should instead embrace the fact or accept that performance enhancing drugs are part of the baseball culture. It would, I guess level the playing field wouldn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but naively I don’t want my sports that way. Even though I assume many are dirty, the fact it’s still wrong gives me comfort.

“Baseball’s appeal is pastoral — it’s not about feats of physicality. It’s about rising to occasions, about a perfect day in the midst of many unremarkable ones. More than any other sport, baseball is about (relatively) average men who every once in a while get to be heroes.

In order to rescue the game from critics that no longer exist, baseball is determined to turn its best players into villains. They may deserve it, but however you look at it, this is an example of the league cutting off dozens of noses to spite its own face.”

I am sorry, but again I simply don’t think this is true. I think the public want’s heros, good “clean” ones. I don’t think we are interested in the hero who is a hero because he is juiced. Call me old fashioned.

Like I said before. I don’t subscribe to the theory, however I am intrigued by it. As an old on air personality once said…. What say you?


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