Toronto Sports Media Battles On Twitter

It’s not every day you get a Toronto media member telling another one to Fuck off publicly. That’s what happened on Saturday and now another one is jumping in too.

Dean Blundell took to the airwaves making light of an Edmonton Oiler prospect who dies, saying that playing hockey in Edmonton must be so bad that the prospect allegedly jumped off a bridge.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun and Bruce Arthur have come after Blundell.

Simmons first wrote: What a stupid man @deanblundell is. The death of a young man, Kristians Pelss, is no one’s comedy. #idiot.

Problem was he had the wrong twitter handle.

He then wrote:

“Sorry it’s @ItsDeanBlundell who should be ashamed. Not @deanblundell
Sorry for the error. But rather disgusted by this.”

Blundell, the right one chimed in:

“@ItsDeanBlundell @simmonssteve dude. You are a huge baby. You should really try yoga.”

To which Simmons replied:

“@ItsDeanBlundell Oh, fuck off you backstabber who’s never faced an accuser in your life. Anyone who makes fun of a kid’s death is fucked.”

Blundell finished if off with:

“@simmonssteve I’m the guy Steve. Always accountable unlike you. Write more self promoting garbage and coach kids hockey you dipstick.”

More on the Arthur Tweets later…

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