Prime Time Sports Review for Wednesday, June 19, 2013

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Sid Seixeiro and Tim Micallef, hosts of Tim & Sid, Sportsnet590

  • Bob, Sid and Tim discuss Portugese television and athletes
  • Bob tells a story about helping a woman move her car out of being double parked

Second segment: Interview with Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

  • Bob and Deitsch discuss the NBA Final
  • Bob and Deitsch talk about the Atlanta sports radio hosts fired for making a joke about former NFL player Steve Gleason’s disability, both think the firing is warranted

Third segment: Interview with Rob Becker, Sportsnet legal analyst

  • Becker talks about the CHL banning European goalies, but is cut off because of time

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob talks about people jumping to conclusions after 1 or 2 wins in sports and predicting the Bruins to win after 2 games
  • Brunt rants about people conflating sports with real life tragedy and the idea that if the Bruins win, it will heal Boston after the bombings
  • Bob and Brunt talk about the Jays

Second segment: Interview with Josh Kosman, New York Post

  • Kosman talks about the New Jersey Devils’ financial problems, and how they are seeking a minority investor to help offset the team’s debt
  • Kosman says that the NHL wants to keep the Devils in Newark, and if they can’t find a minority investor, they will be looking for a new majority investor
  • Bob asks if the NHL could legally move the Devils out of New Jersey, Kosman says that they’d have to go into bankruptcy and break the lease

Third segment: Interview with Dwayne Casey, Toronto Raptors head coach

  • Casey talks about continuing to be coach of the Raptors, and says there were no discussions of releasing him, just the new people in charge evaluating the organization
  • Casey says that he and Masai Ujiri are on the same page about the direction of the team
  • Bob asks Casey what the team’s most pressing need is, he says veteran toughness

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Glenn Healy, CBC hockey analyst

  • Healy talks about the Stanley Cup Final, thinks that this is Boston’s series to lose
  • Bob questions everybody jumping on the Boston bandwagon after 2 wins, points out how they almost lost to the Leafs
  • Healy thinks the series will go 7 but Boston has the edge

Second segment: Interview with Brian Ballou, Boston Globe reporter

  • Ballou talks about the police investigation of Aaron Hernandez’s house following a body being discovered near his home, says that he has not been arrested or considered a suspect yet
  • Ballou talks about the civil suit filed against Hernandez by a man claiming Hernandez shot him accidentally
  • Brunt asks Ballou if he can give an idea of what kind of person Hernandez is off the field, Ballou says it’s unclear but what’s coming out does paints a picture of somebody who may be out of control
  • Bob asks if there’s any proof that Hernandez has ties to gangs, Ballou says there’s no proof yet, just rumors and innuendo, but that he’s never heard anything in Boston that ties Hernandez to crime

Third segment: Interview with Sam Mitchell, former Toronto Raptors head coach

  • Mitchell talks about how amazing the NBA Finals game was yesterday
  • Brunt asks if Mitchell would have Tim Duncan on the floor at the end of the 4th quarter to rebound the ball, Mitchell says he would because everybody knows the 3 is coming and the offensive rebound & kickout is the best way to get an open 3
  • Bob asks if the way Game 6 was lost will deflate San Antonio and bolster Miami, Mitchell thinks it will be the reverse and Miami will feel like they got a reprieve and wonder why they have such trouble beating San Antonio
  • Mitchell thinks that Game 7 will go down to the wire and it will be about Tony Parker vs. LeBron James
  • Bob asks that if Miami loses, will Pat Riley try to get a point guard that is a pure passer, Mitchell says that they won’t try to trade any of the big 3 and will try to win another championship with those 3


I really wish they had spent less time on the Tim & Sid segment and allowed more time for Bob to interview Becker in the third segment of the first hour.  Becker had so little time and by the time he started to answer Bob’s questions, they had to go.  I still don’t understand the point of the Tim & Sid 4pm segments.  They don’t even talk about sports anymore, or “men’s interest”, it’s just generally Bob making fun of them and then them making fun of something else.

The Casey interview was pretty boring.  He didn’t really say anything, and since he’s still employed by the Raptors, he can’t really say anything, so it was just the usual “we’re on the same page, we’re going forward, we’re gonna work hard”, etc type of thing.

I feel like Bob and Brunt, given the questions they kept asking, thought there was something more interesting or firm about Aaron Hernandez, his background, and his connection with this case, that they’d hear from Brian Ballou, and instead he gave up very little because most of what he’s heard is just rumor and speculation.  Bob and Brunt’s discussion after the interview showed that they thought more was going on.

I did think the interview with Josh Kosman was pretty good though, and he did a good job explaining what was going on with the Devils and what the NHL may try to do with the team.

Given how bullish Bob was yesterday about the Bruins, it’s interesting today he’s taking the contrarian point of view and chastising everybody about thinking the Bruins will win after only 2 wins.

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