Toronto Maple Leafs Los Angeles Kings Trade Talk


Been a while since we could do one of these. Without furhter ado, here we go:

Damien Cox:

“But really, at this point there’s not much hard evidence that Bernier will be better than Ben Scrivens, now a King along with Frattin, let alone Reimer. It’s just a guess that Bernier is set to make an impact, really, because there’s just not the body of work there from him to reach any meaningful conclusions.”

Dave Feschuk:

“Let’s not forget the essential truth: for all the intoxicating fever that surrounded Toronto’s first playoff run in nine years, this was a unit that only assured itself a berth in the final week of a truncated regular season before it got bounced in the first round of the playoffs after authoring one of the saddest choke jobs in the history of pro sports. It says something about Toronto that segments of the fan base yet wail: Don’t change a thing!”

Mike Zeisberger:

“Ever since Dave Nonis replaced the bombastic Brian Burke as general manager in January, he has had various flirtations with other goaltenders in order to add depth to the position. He kicked tires on both Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo and Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff, but both attempts failed to come to fruition.”

James Mirtle:

“Of all the areas for the Toronto Maple Leafs to improve on this off-season, goaltending seemed a curious one to be at the top of the list.

But GM Dave Nonis has pursued an upgrade at the position from Day 1 since taking over in January, and on Sunday morning, he finally got his man.

And, next season, that will make for a heated battle in the Leafs crease.”

Lisa Dillman, LA Times:

“”I don’t know who can have two No. 1 quarterbacks,” said Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi.

The teams had been in negotiations for about eight months, well before former AEG executive Tim Leiweke joined Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. In fact, Lombardi said he had tried to trade for Frattin a couple of years ago. It became clear he would have to move Bernier and the urgency increased as the goalie is due to become a restricted free agent July 5.”

Chris Johnston:

“Clearly, Nonis saw something he liked in the young goalie during that event.

“It’s a short tournament so it’s always hard to be certain,” he said.

Nonis was a little more certain by the time he took over the Leafs GM job from Brian Burke back in January. One of the first things he did was phone Lombardi to inquire about Bernier, who had asked the Kings for a trade during the 2011-12 season and been convinced to stay.”

Adam Proteau:

“In the instant-reaction world of social media, many Leafs supporters quickly rushed to rip the deal, lamenting both the price Leafs GM Dave Nonis paid for Bernier as well as the effect it would have on last season’s starting goalie, James Reimer.

However, I’m nowhere near convinced it’s time for Leafs fans to sound the air horns, duck for cover and declare this move a bomb. As a matter of fact, I think the deal has the potential to be excellent for Toronto and decent enough for the Kings. I also think that, in a flooded goaltender market, Los Angeles took the best deal they were going to get – and what the Leafs gave them isn’t likely to be all that big a haul when it’s all said and done.”

Here’s my two cents. I have no clue what Bernier will or won’t be. There is one reason I like the deal. I like the fact that Nonis isn’t just concluding that one playoff series makes Reimer a number one goalie. I like that Nonis doesn’t appear to have fallen in love with his team because of one playoff series.

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