Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups

Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups


Here’s your drive lineup for your listening enjoyment this am:

On 590 with Greg Brady and Jim Lang:


On TSN radio with Mike Richards

6:30: Jonas Siegel – Leafs Trade/Stanley Cup Preview

7:15: Pierre McGuire – NHL on NBC

7:30 – Dave Poulin – Maple Leafs Vice-President of Hockey Operations

7:45: Leafs Breakfast – Darren Dreger and Steve Simmons

8:00: Jim Ralph – Maple Leafs Analyst

8:15 – Open Phones/E-mails – Maple Leafs Trade

8:32 – Craig Button – NHL on TSN Analyst



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    To all Toronto sports media commentators…

    Say “small sample size” one more time….I dare you….I double dog dare you!

    Samuel L. Jackson

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    It looks like Sammut is filling in for Blair from 9 AM to 11 AM each day this week (I assume Blair is hosting PTS) but Sammut is not filling in for Blair on Baseball Central at 11 AM……………..they asked Brady to do it instead……………does anyone know why they would do that?……………maybe because Baseball Central is on television???

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    Sammut’s filled in for Blair on Baseball Central before… maybe they didn’t like the job he did last time?

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    No wait. I think that was Lajoie who did. I don’t remember if Sammut’s ever done it. Maybe they don’t trust Sammut with it for some reason?

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    Maybe they figured there’d be more interest after the recent stretch and wanted to put their best foot forward.

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    By having Brady talk Tigers, and trolling listeners?

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    Waiting to see if he has his b friend and huge jays fan Colin Murray from the bbc on baseball central.