Is It Time For The Blue Jays To Cut Bait?


Couple of interesting things floating around this evening:

I think that Jon Paul Morosi wrote a great piece on the current state of the Blue Jays and the strategy they should take moving forward.

“The Jays are 41-44. After the same number of games last year — with a smaller payroll and lower expectations — they were 42-43. And so they are stuck, having mortgaged a piece of their future for what remains an unfulfilling present.”

In my opinion that’s an accurate account.

“In making those trades, Anthopoulos bought himself a three-year window to reach the postseason. He’s about to go 0-for-1. There’s no shame in that, as long as the Jays assess their weaknesses candidly and prioritize the 2014 roster in any moves they make this month.”

I think that’s accurate too.

Should make for an interesting month. It’s too bad because they went on such a great run winning 11 in a row then to lose 8 of the next 11…ouch.

Jeff Blair has a good follow up piece on JP Arencibia’s outburtst this morning:

“When a city doesn’t have playoffs to worry about, it creates a vacuum. That leads to players such as Munenori Kawasaki getting folk-hero status while the likes of Vernon Wells gets booed out of town.

The Blue Jays have underachieved, and with Andrea Bargnani’s trade this week to the New York Knicks, there is an opening for the next pro athlete to get run out of town. Arencibia’s made himself the clubhouse leader in more ways than one.”

Mike Zeisberger has an interesting take on the Maple Leafs news of the day:

“As of Thursday, Maple Leafs general manager Dave Nonis had been on the job exactly 176 days.

In other words, it took less than half a year with Nonis at the helm for numerous reports to surface on Twitter and the world-wide blogosphere calling for his head to be delivered on a blue-and-white platter.”

It was a strange day to be a leaf fan. The vast majority of folks I saw on Twitter were pissed that Nonis chose to buy Grabovksi more for the fact that they expect Nonis only to make the same mistake Burke did in overpaying Grabovkski with Tyler Bozak. In other words there is little faith in Nonis being able to upgrade from Grabovski. What made it strange was that some media members were preaching patience to the Maple Leaf fans. In the past it has been that some in the Leaf media have been quick to bury the move and some of the fans were preaching patience.

Should be an interesting opening of NHL free agency. More tomorrow


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