Changes At TSN Radio?

Changes At TSN Radio?


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So, The Vancouver Sun reported last week that there could be a new face running the Corus radio and that the front runner for that job is Robert Gray, currently running TSN radio.

“While ‘NW news director Ian Koeningsfest has replaced Plasteras on an interim arrangement, the buzz in the business has Rob Gray leaving the CHUM Radio chain in Toronto to join Corus. Gray was the original programmer at Team 1040 before being transplanted east. With Gray’s background in sports broadcasting, he might push for a continuation of the sports talk theme on ‘NW. Russell stand-ins Dave Sheldon and Brook Ward are anxious to find out.”

Gray is from Vancouver and this would be a homecoming for him if it were to come to fruition. While I haven’t seen official ratings for the last couple of months, I’ve heard that TSN had a nice early spring spike only to be followed by a late spring swoon.

Who would replace Gray at TSN? I haven’t head any names but the drums are certainly beating.



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    mike (in boston)8 years ago

    Mudhar hits his 1st home run. Excellent detail on the new Grantland competitor, and discussion of whether anyone in Canada has the writing clout to be his own brand.

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    Lee (Oakville)8 years ago

    No mention in Mudhar’s article about McCown’s ill-fated website An early attempt to exploit his name and media presence that went nowhere fast.

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    I bet a don cherry branded page would get hits for better or worse.

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    Dave in Bolton8 years ago

    I bet Nelson Millman gets the job at TSNR

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    Knott Knelson8 years ago

    I bet Nelson Millman doesn’t get the job at TSNR. Nelson is retired…and he’s way too Rogers and Fan590 for TSN. If Gray leaves, his replacement will come from within. TSNR doesn’t need Millman right now. They may have awhile ago, but they resisted the temptation then and they’ll do the same now.