The Curious Case Of Jim Ralph


On June 12th, Jim Ralph tweeted the following:

“1- got the word that my job as leaf colour guy is over. 16 yr run 1,196 consecutive games ends. Thankful for the run. Thanks to Beyak”
“2- @bonesietweets @HennyTweets @gregmillen Askin and all others I worked with and to people who listened and took time to day hello. Ciao”
“Also @dandunleavy Hebb leafs pr and leafs tv people.”
“Last game was a memorable one!”
“For the record my firing was due to changes in my department. Nothing personal. I was just the only one in the department.”
“For the record firing was not Mlse decision.Was jointly done my new step parents.take pride being first guy fired by tsn and fan same day”
“Important thing for me now is to set an example for my kids in handling adversity luckily they are both of age to drink with me. #luvdad
“And please for the record I don’t harbour an ounce of bitterness. I’m not the first to go through it. Others have had it worse #greatride”

I told you that his contract was not renewed.

Only one problem.

It wasn’t supposed to be true.

I am told by various sources that when Ralph started tweeting, execs at both the Fan and TSN were caught of guard, surprised to be clear.

Reliable sources tell me that neither company wanted to make any changes to the broadcast teams 1 year before the regional TV deal for Maple Leaf hockey was up (which it is after this upcoming season). Why make a change that could only last 1 year, a source explained this Sunday to me.

Somewhere, or someone didn’t decipher the message from the networks or perhaps Ralph misinterpreted the message.

I am told that the person who handled this was let go by MLSE and is no longer there. Coincidence????? Hmmmmmm

The ball was clearly dropped.

I am told that Ralph, along with all the other members of the Leaf radio crews will indeed be back, and that they all have 1 year contracts or will have 1 year contracts.

For now anyway, Ralph is back.

After this year????

I think a lot will depend on what happens to the regional TV deal which I believe has to be split between Rogers and TSN as per the ownership deal.

BTW, I am told that Raptors games will be split on the radio this year too. Not sure who will be on the broadcast team on TSN for Raptors, but we will soon find out.

Happy holiday Monday to my Canadian friends.

If you are in Seattle for the ball game, holler, love to meet for a cold one!


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