PTS, Summer Swoon or Trend?


Happy Friday all. It’s been a relatively quiet summer and I’ve been enjoying the weather. More tweeting of news than blogs. That will change when the weather does!

So, I don’t have the final books for the last couple of months yet, however I am told from multiple sources that God himself is taking it on the chin right now. Mccown’s PTS has dipped into the human realm of the 7’s on the ratings books. Granted, he hasn’t been on the air all that much, but PTS is usually in the 10-12 range, more on the 12 side of late. A dip into the 7’s has probably woken management up at Rogers enough for the first time to take note.

Is this the dog days of summer? (thanks to AA, Gibby and the boys) or the reflection that perhaps having Bob’s buddies (FOB) as his guests is starting to wear thin on the audience. Perhaps talking to the lads from Tim and Sid about nothing really relevant while big news actually is going on is forcing fans to tune out.

Nothing really to talk about until the fall book comes out. I think McCown will probably bounce back to his 12 number. If he doesn’t it will be a stunning development.

Not sports related but I am hearing that Anne Mroczkowski’s contract isn’t going to be picked up by Global and that perhaps her summer vacation will be more permanent than originally planned. She is a definite presence in TO news and she will be missed.

The fact that Dan Dunleavy took the Sabres gig tells me that the writing is on the wall at MLSE for a housecleaning of sorts in the media side once the Leafs season ends. IF he was sure that the gig was his long time he wouldn’t have jumped. Is the TFC gig a going away present or a punishment.

I am, by the way waiting for our friends over at downgoesbrown to post the photos that new MLSE president is planning on putting up in the ACC as opposed to the ones from the glory days. “Put the Grabovsky photo right here boys!”

The Fan morning boys have a new partner in the third seat, nothing better than an attempt to keep someone from moving west. Could this be the start of a larger change to the morning show? Hmmmmmmmm

Who is going to replace DDL on Leaf radio games when Bowen is on tv? My money is on the voice of the Marlies, Jon Abbott getting promoted for the season. However, I did wonder if they would follow the Blue Jays Buck Martinez model and throw Gord Stellick a bone for the season. Just kidding.

Since we last wrote, Dave The Blanket Perkins decided to stop typing. No one covered the ponies like Dave it. Actually, no one else covered the ponies. Just kidding. A very strong career for the blanket. I really wish he were a younger man today and was on sports radio. A guy with knowledge and an opinion. A rarity in media today.

Happy weekend.


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