Post Labor Day Poll

Post Labor Day Poll


Happy back to work/school day!

Quick thought on the way to work today while catching a bit of baseball central. Of the three professional GM’s in Toronto, who do you think is on the hottest seat? Who should or will get fired first?


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    Wefewee 7 years ago

    I find myself listening more to Richards in the morning these days however, I was unable listen while he was on holiday.
    David Bastl is a knowledgeable sports personality and was solid when he was doing the updates – reading from a script.
    As a co-host and the host while Richards was away, I find myself turning away. His ‘um’ and ‘aw’ ratio is quite high and is aggravating. His sports acumen, especially for Golf, is excellent but, when he is unscripted, I have difficulty.
    Is it a confidence issue?
    Anyone else?

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    Nan Young Lee 7 years ago

    Maybe more people will turn to Richards now that Andrew Walker is on with Brady/Lang. What is it with Don Kollins and “Andrews”. At least Farwell had a personality. Walker can’t even make an update interesting. Inflect your voice, for God’s sake. Say something funny. Use a music clip or audio in an interesting way. You know, do your job.
    Maybe Brady/Lang will have a ton of Leaf tickets to give away and keep the ratings up.

    Farwell was a good guy: