Jim Lang Ousted From Sportsnet Fan 590

by TSM

“We are very excited to bring Greg and Jim together as the FAN 590 morning team,” said Don Kollins, Program Director, Sportsnet Radio The FAN 590. “Both have great sports knowledge, are well respected Toronto broadcasters, and they like to have fun. Listeners already love these guys after just a couple weeks together.”

That was Don Kollins on March 10, 2011.


Not so much.

As we’ve speculated for a long time, change has come once again to the fan 590.

The timing is curious.

The morning show has been achieving good steady numbers, which suggests there is more in play here.

As I’ve told you before, there are many folks smarter than me who keep telling me that things are going to change at media outlets when a new head hauncho takes over Rogers. Could this be a pre-cursor?

Another possibility is financial. As you know, when Kollins made his first string of massive changes, we were told that the reason the changes occurred when they did was that Kollins was incentivized by not having the severance packages of the departed count against his next year budget. Could this have happened again?

Was another name too hard to pass up??? Andrew Walker has been telling anyone that will listen that he’s leaving a role in Calgary to play a major role on the Toronto Sports radio scene.

Morning radio is tough. The competition is pretty fierce. If you are on an all sports station you have to talk about the events of the night before and the day ahead while mixing in the proper amount of pop culture and news of the day. As someone who tries to write an article every day I can’t imagine how hard it would be to talk about things on a daily basis when, lets be honest there isn’t a whole lot of subject matter.

I can’t imagine being on the radio every day in Toronto this past summer can you? I mean the disaster that was the baseball season, what more was there to say? Unfortunately, the vast majority of the audience doesn’t really care about all that much about anything but the local team. Yes the big news stories but the day to day stuff???

In the end, success comes from chemistry. Either you have people working together who have it or they don’t.

Brady drives that show. When he is on the air, it’s clearly his show. So he needs a sidekick. I thought Lang did that quite well.

While Lang was really strong on the football side, it was the other sports where he was weaker, in my opinion.

Jim also couldn’t play the host role. He couldn’t drive the show. There are those who have the ability and those who do not. Not a knock. It is what it is.

It’s too bad because, by all accounts Jim Lang is one of the good guys. The show was doing well and still the change was made.

I only hope that he lands on his feet. He’s too talented not to.

As for the future of the show?

We’ll let you know when we hear anything.

Quick question, is it just me or does the new look NYPost.com website blow?

If we are past Labor Day shouldn’t we have had an article by Steve Simmons and Larry Brooks on a Sunday?

No Brooks, No Simmons on a Sunday is like not having the Argos play the Ticats on Labour Day.


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