A Couple Of Great Reads


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Quick hit tonight, I will see what type of stories the Kadri signing generates tomorrow but in the meantime….

Two stories you should read.

The first is by Michael Grange on Brian Burke and the upcoming Sochi Olympics:

Quoting from an article in SI:

“All these activities are now illegal in Sochi, the city that will host the Winter Olympics, where I will be with the U.S. hockey team. Russia has criminalized my ability to be a father and our ability to be a family.

You don’t have to be gay to care about this. You don’t have to have a gay son or daughter to recognize an organized effort by a government to target and destroy a minority group. History has taught us that, left unchecked, this sort of bigotry will only escalate. The rest of the world cannot bear silent witness.”

You should read the Burke article too, as he wrote it.

The second (or third) article you should read is by Richard Griffin on Rickey Romero and Alex Anthopoulos:

“I just want to go out and compete, get some outs and end the season on a good note,” Romero told reporters. “That’s the biggest thing: To take advantage of this opportunity. It’s been a long year but I’m glad I’m here, surrounded by (the Blue Jays players).
“As tough as the road has been, I’ve never stopped believing. I’ve been a fighter my whole life and overcome so many things in my career and my life and I am not going to let this defeat me.”
That does not sound like a man that believes he has been treated right by his first and only baseball organization. Oh yes, Anthopoulos has already told Romero not to expect to remain on the 40-man roster this winter, meaning he will be available in the Rule 5 draft if any team wants to take a $15.6 million chance. The GM has had a tough season trying to do the right thing.”

Lastly, a question I keep being asked/told that I’d share with you: I am told by many that money has suddenly become very tight at Rogers, especially on the sports media side. The common question thought is, are the Blue Jays to blame? Were investments in new studios and promotions warranted? I guess the easy answer given the results is no. I think we will know more if we keep hearing that moves are being made to save money. Hard to believe with 2, count them 2 new Iphones being released.

Interesting times….

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