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As you all know I am based in Seattle and therefore keeping this website up and current means a ton of time online. The newspapers in Toronto, at least 3 of them have decided to erect paywalls. This wouldn’t be a big deal if you lived in Toronto and got it cheap along with your print subscription. Being way away makes it a challenge. So, I asked the papers for a break and only one responded and they didn’t say yes.

So, I am asking for donations to pay for a yearly subscription to the big three. It’s topped up for processing fees. No one pays unless I get the full amount if I exceed the target the surplus goes to the Children’s Wish Foundation. I will also make a donation to the Children’s Wish Foundation in the name of the site if I hit the goal. Lastly I’m donating starbucks (hey it’s seattle) gift packs of equal value to those who donate at a certain level.

Again, all to help keeping the lights on at this very website.

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