Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups

Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups


Here’s your drive lineup for your listening enjoyment this am:


On 590 with Greg Brady and Andrew Walker:

640: Mark Pougatch
720: Scott Morrison
820: Trent Green

On TSN radio with Mike Richards

7:00am: TSN 2 TV Simulcast

7:15am: Pierre McGuire – NHL on NBC/TSN Hockey Analyst

7:45: Leafs Breakfast w/ Darren Dreger

8:10: Mike’s Leafs Seats Giveaway (8:10)

8:15: Chris Schultz – TSN Football Analyst

8:32 am – Bob Weeks (From Cape Breton Island) – FedEx Cup Recap/Presidents Cup Preview



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    Mullah_Kintyre8 years ago

    Listening to Richards and the phone-in segments this morning talking about what a great show the preseason brawl provided — it re-enforced the image that hockey is a game run by morons for morons. In one way, it can be slightly entertaining to laugh at the idiotic conversations about the dumb codes of how the goons should be fighting only the other team’s goons, or how the coaches should be putting their goons on the ice at the appropriate time of the game (and all those wimps who think hockey is about scoring more goals than the other team).
    Keep in mind, these are the same guys who are mystified about why the relative popularity of hockey is dropping as younger people are increasingly attracted to other sports and repelled away from hockey.

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    Amen, Mullah!

    This is also the same game where its against the law and “code” to bodycheck someone in the head but its Ok to beat the living crap out of your opponent in a fight.

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    Sadly it’s completely expected from the hockey media.
    Meanwhile, the majority of fans get shouted down by the loud-mouths on the air in order to continue this illusion that all anyone wants to see is the goon battle royale.

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    Mullah_Kintyre8 years ago

    Ah, c’mon. Isn’t there anyone who wants to complain about the wimps who don’t watch hockey trying to ruin it for everyone else?