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Richard Peddie misses the spotlight


Peddie always drove me crazy. Whenever there was some controversy or firing or hiring or trade he was front and centre talking about the move and giving his thoughts. This must have been what it was like to be a Yankees fan during the Steinbrenner era, except that Peddie didn’t own the team — he just acted as if he did.


As Peddie’s tenure was winding down he moved out of the spotlight and I forgot about him, but he’s back with a tell-all book. Sean Fitzgerald met with Peddie to discuss the new book. This is an odd piece – he cites many of the controversial parts of the book but offers no opinion or critique. Why no analysis from Fitzgerald? It reads basically as a promo for the book. This is the first time I have clicked on a Fitzgerald link. I don’t think I’ll bother again if this is what he does with his column.



 More NHL cheap shot violence


Cox has an interesting take on the mess that is the Buffalo Sabres. MacGregor takes a strong stance. As i said last week – GMs are addicted to goons. Suspensions alone can’t solve the problem. Start penalizing the GMs who give these morons contracts.


And in a surprise to no one, Our National Embarrassment came to the defense of Scott and blamed the coach for not playing him enough. Go away Don Cherry.


Raps season preview


I’m not really a basketball fan but I watched the Raps during the Vince era. This is a nice recap of the off-season moves and some players to watch for as the season gets under way. I take it Rachel Brady is new to the beat because one of the Globe’s commenters went off on her for this piece.


World Series Game 3 recap


Really enjoying Griff’s work here.


MLSE to hang Bon Jovi championship banner at ACC


PPP … fuck yeah! One of the best blogs on the internet.



When I was a teenager I had a sunday morning job where the FAN was on in the background. Betting guys just come across as such scum bags. TSM is right. But is there any difference between betting and fantasy football? Neither one is really about the actual outcome of the game?

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