Toronto Sports Media Radio Ratings


Sorry this is a little crude but I am on the road so here we go:

Morning Drive

Males 18-49

Brady: 4.6
Richards: 3.4

Males 25-54

Richards: 3.2

Lunch Hockey Shows 12pm-1pm

Males 18-49

Leafs Lunch: 6.0
Hockey Central: 6.2

Males 25-54

Leafs Lunch: 5.7
Hockey Central: 8.8

Drive Home

Males 18-49

McCown: 5.1
Naylor : 3.8

Males 25-54

McCown: 6.9
Naylor: 3.5

Here are my thoughts. TSN radio has benefited from the Maple Leafs moving over half the time. There is no doubt that this has given them life. Will they catch or beat the Fan? I doubt it. At least not anytime soon. However, they’ve come a long way from the .9 ratings days (remember when someone said that more people listen to a host who sits on his roof with a megaphone days?)

It’s taken longer than they probably would have liked but they are generating an audience.

Interesting trends to look for: I’m interested to see how the Fan morning show does over the next couple of months. These aren’t bad numbers, but they aren’t the numbers they were getting before. The PTS numbers are very interesting too. McCown was a shoe in to get 8’s in yesteryear. 6’s is new territory for him, is this a trend or just a blip….. Hockey Central still strong with the “older” crowd – MacLean???? Leafs lunch doing well with the younger men……

What does it mean? If it continues, it means that those in the business will be looking at good money down the road as competition will be fierce. I’ve said all along that the consumers want choice. It looks like it only took some time for that to start. Perfect example, McCown led with the Prime Minister today, Naylor had Simmons and Arthur talking the NFL hazing story. TSN won the first segment in my car. McCown switched to basketball with Doug Smith and I decided to listen a little longer with Naylor. I switched after that. Nice having a choice on the drive home….Hope it continues.


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