The Fan 590 Loses An Original -Rogers Media Layoffs


For several months I have heard that there would be serious belt tightening at Rogers Media as Rogers Inc prepares for the arrival for a new CEO. There have been some moves over the past couple of weeks but today 94 people lost their jobs, or 2% of their total work force.

It’s never good when anyone is let go.

However, The Fan 590 today made a strange move, letting go Barb DiGiulio.

I’ve never met Barb, never spoken to her on the phone or emailed with her, but I do feel like a part of my sports history, if you will, was let go. Lots and lots of people have come and gone through the Fan, some good, some not so much, there was always Barb doing updates.

She has changed her twitter handle but has tweeted some thoughts tonight:

“It’s true. After 22 years, I’m no longer with @FAN590. I have great memories, and lots of respect for everyone I’ve worked with. Thank you.”

DiGiulio was with the Fan since 1991. She was the midday update person and you could tell those who listened felt like they had a relationship with her. When she worked on Gord Stellick’s Big Show, she was more than just the update person, she was an integral part of the show. While it wasn’t the premiere time to be on the radio, Gord and Barb had good on air chemistry and it was fun to listen to. I am fairly certain that with Barb’s departure, Bob McCown remains the last standing of the original cast of characters- certainly on air personalities. A tribute to his success for sure.

I’d be very surprised if she is out of work long. I’m sure she is on the TSN radar.

DiGiulio was let go along with other female Rogers on air personalities, Gloria Martin, also a staple in the Toronto entertainment news scene and Ann Doose. DiGiulio paid tribute to both in her latest tweet:

“Very honoured to have worked with pros Ann Doose @Newsbayb and Gloria Martin @globiz680news , who were also part of the shuffle today.”

Doose tweeted her fate as well

“Rogers Media announces round of layoffs This is where I turn off the mic and leave the building. Thanks for the ride!”

Here’s hoping all three ladies and anyone else effected by today’s moves are quickly re-employed.


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