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Sports Media Week in Review


Pretty interesting week in sports media with the new ratings and the layoffs at Rogers. The diversity of radio options we have right now is great – there are shows I don’t like (Blair, Hayes) but the ratings suggest that others are listening, and that’s a good thing.

The interesting question going forward will be which station shuffles its line-up first. TSN dumped the awful Cybulski and installed the excellent Naylor, and their schedule seems pretty set now. The Macko/Cauz pairing has worked out well.

The FAN needs to decide whether they are satisfied with their current morning show. I suspect they are not. I am shocked that Richards has an audience, yet he is holding his own against the FAN. I think it’s a matter of time until someone at Rogers hypothesizes that Tim&Sid would do a better job than Brady in the morning.

This would free up Brady to go back to afternoons. Personally, I would like to hear a Brady solo show in the afternoons. I find him to be a terrible interlocutor with his co-hosts – too much yelling and too much willful misrepresentation of the opposing point of view. This might be a side-effect of his radio roots: that’s basically the Watters playbook. But, a solo show that is interview-heavy might do well as a lead-in to PTS.

Opinions on Brady are mixed here: do you think he could carry a 3 hour show on his own? Would that be an improvement over his current assignment?


Onrait writes a book


The only reason i’m linking this is that he has an interesting response to the question about the low ratings of his FOX show. “There’s no logical way we could ever [start on even ground]. TSN had a 15-year head start on [Rogers] Sportsnet. Sportsnet still hasn’t caught up. ESPN has a 30-year head start on us. This is going to be a long process, so settle in because we’re just getting started.”

Most of us on this site are content-junkies and will switch channels a lot in search of interesting opinions. I take it that the casual fan will just stay on whatever channel he grew up watching/hearing until something causes him to switch. I wonder if channel inertia is harder to overcome on TV or on radio.


The Basketball Jones Make it Big


I’m not an NBA watcher so I can’t comment much on this story, but it’s great to see a blogger to MSM success story. The usual trajectory is to work your way up from crappy local paper writer to more high profile positions. This hiring shows that if you generate good content then you can get picked up regardless of your blogger status. Best wishes guys – congratulations.


Arthur weighs in on the NHL’s condoning of assault


I’m finding it harder and harder to care about the NHL (at least until the playoffs, when goons mostly don’t play). Arthur conveys his own frustration with the NHL’s approach to on-ice assaults. Here’s a question ponder: if the Bertuzzi-Moore incident takes place in the US in a non-traditional hockey market, do we see a criminal conviction of Bertuzzi? I feel that legal threats are the only way that is going to change the NHL’s corrupted culture.


The Incognito Story


Speaking of corrupt sports cultures, the main question that has come out of the Incognito story is this. Which is the greater evil: is it hazing or going public with an issue?

That’s the way this is playing out. All the ex-athletes are blaming Martin (while paying lip-service to Incognito having crossed the line). Most non-athletes are saying “how is this anything other than workplace harassment?”

Good discussion of financial hazing with Darren Rovell on TSN Drive (hour 2 Nov 7). Rovell made the nice point that these rookie dinners contribute to a culture of financial irresponsibility among NFl players, which then leads to so many of them being bankrupt after their playing careers. In Rovell’s words, the NFLPA is the worst among the 4 in educating their players about financial prudence.

Deadspin has some fantastic coverage of this story. Mental health advocate Brandon Marshall has some really thoughtful quotes. Highly recommended reading.


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