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by mike (in boston) [hatemailaccount – a.t. – gmail -dot- com]

Busy week with work and travel so I have not had time to see or hear much. In the interest of making sure there is a weekend thread I’ll throw out a couple of topics. Last week’s thread can be found here.

Leafs Radio Play-by-Play


I was listening to the FAN’s radio broadcast of the Leafs last night as I was driving through Ontario. Like sports talk radio, play by play is very much about comfort and familiarity. We all grew up listening to Bowen + Ralph and there’s something about that pairing that just “sounds” right.

With that disclaimer, I really did not enjoy the guy who is currently paired with  Ralph (a quick google tells me it’s someone named Jon Abbott). I found him to be very nasally, and that he has a tendency to drag one word into the next rather than speaking in normally spaced sentences.

Those are my 2 cents. What do other people think?


Best Radio Guests


We spend a ton of time talking about the hosts we like and don’t like. In my time on the site I’ve read opinions both for and against almost everyone on the radio.

No one likes Shannon, of course. As astute readers have pointed out, he seems to have been relegated to regular appearances on Tim & Sid, and rarely co-hosts on PTS anymore. But other than Shannon, everyone else — even Richards, judging by the most recent ratings thread — seems to be speaking to some segment of the audience.

Rather than focusing on the hosts, I thought it might be interesting to focus on the guests. Both stations have a cadre of “insiders” as well as regular and semi-regular guests. Some of those are obviously paid for by the station (Bob Ryan) while others appear due to corporate affiliation (Herm Edwards and the rest of the ESPN talking heads who appear on TSN).

So, my question is: who are your favourite guests?


My top 2 are easy:


1. Lester Munson (legal analyst)

2. Paul Kelly (ex NHLPA boss, current NCAA hockey chief)


Munson is a delight to listen to. My interest is partly because I work in a vaguely related field, but he is just so passionate yet measured in his responses. This guy just loves the law and legal issues and it shows. In a similar vein, Kelly is probably the smartest guy I have ever heard on the radio. He went through a massively turbulent time at the PA (the bizarre Buzz Hargrove era) and in my opinion was fired for being too progressive for the kind of NHL that people like Burke want. But Kelly just exudes confident wisdom when he speaks, without being condescending or coming across as a know-it-all.


3. Tie between Richard Deitsch and Dan Shulman


Deitsch is great. He knows his stuff, he knows how to be interviewed, he’s always prepared. He has a tendency to get derailed on PTS when Bob is in one of those moods where he only wants to talk about himself, but mostly he’s a great guest. Shulman, on the other hand, is just smooth as silk. Obviously he’s in the  business so it’s to be expected, but I could listen to him read the phonebook and still be enthralled.


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?


until next time …

mike (in boston)

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