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Quick post today as I am on vacation, trying to avoid getting murdered as Americans line up for a chance to get $10 off plus sized jeans. As Canadians we should be glad this kind of consumer mania has not infected our country.


Atlanta politicians unwilling to let voters decide on funding a new baseball stadium


Apparently it’s too expensive to hold a special referendum on the proposal to spend $300 million tax-payer dollars. It’s amazing that in these economic times sports teams are still able to sucker politicians into subsidizing billionaires.


MLBPA boss Michael Weiner has died


This is very sad. 51 is too young for anyone to die. He seemed to be well liked by everyone, including those who sat on the opposite side of the bargaining table from him. I wonder if Fehr eventually makes his way back to baseball.


Bills ban idiot for life


Some jackass tried to slide down a railing and ended up falling down a level, injuring the person on whom he fell. As a long time Bills hater I have delighted in their futility this past decade, but I’m glad to see them drop the hammer on this moron.

Pro football walks a fine line between encouraging and discouraging this kind of behaviour. Tailgating might be about lots of other things as well but let’s be honest: it’s about getting as drunk as you can without passing out. I’m not sure why anyone enjoys this, but it’s inarguably part of the Sunday experience the NFL promotes.


This just in: “student athletes” don’t care about education


In the interest of fairness, the above statement is not true for all student athletes. The main offenders are those who are only at university as a means to making it to the pros. This deadspin article describes some of the special treatment these athletes receive in order to maintain their eligibility. It’s not a well written article, but the issue is worthy of serious reflection.

The merging of pro sports and higher education creates an unhealthy mix for both sides. As someone who lives and works in the U.S. I have first hand experience with this issue, and it is as real and repugnant as the article suggests.


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