Goodbye To The Old


The fellas in the bathrobes are busy today preparing for the move to the new look and feel!

Super thanks to Rob and Mike and all the others who have been keeping the content fresh in the past. Tomorrow we start a new!

Couple of things that have interested me over the last couple of days….

1. Changes on Blue Jays radio- Bye bye to Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris. I wonder if the offseason had been more “exciting” if these two would have flown the coup.
2. Glen Healy on HNIC Saturday night defended Kevin Lowe, suggesting that fans calling for his head have as much right asking for Joey Moss’s head. Interesting choice by Healy. Surprised that very little has been said about it? No. Not too many in the MSM call out their fellow MSMers.
3. Is it a sign of old age or simply noting to talk about, but man has sports talk radio been this dull in the morning for a long time? Driving into work since January 6 back in the GTA. Flipping between both stations between say 7-9 and really not much to listen to. Maybe I am getting old.

Happy Monday… See you on the new site.

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