Maple Leafs Hyperbole At It’s Best


Quick Wednesday hit….

I was driving little TSM to his hockey game last night and we were flipping back and forth between Naylor and McCown. McCown and Cox were debating the Raptors success and what it means to their impending free agents. Cox commented that the Leafs have a similar dilemma with Bolland who is an impending FA. Both guys were laughing about how overhyped Bolland has become given how well he was playing prior to getting injury. In jest, the names Orr, Gretzky et all were thrown around, implying, at least to my ears, that Maple Leaf nation’s tendency to over-value Maple Leaf players was once again in full effect.

Compare, if you will with the banter on every single radio station I listened to while flipping around on my various journeys to school and work this am. In listening to the questions/topics on all the stations (sports and otherwise) this am you can quickly understand why the so called Blue and White disease lives on.

“Was last night a defining moment for Nazim Kadri” was the hot topic on one station.
“What is Nazim Kadri” asked another..

Don’t get me wrong, the callers were lined up to chime in like they do every morning at the Tim Hortons in the concourse below my office. One comment more inane then the next. The hosts loving every minute of it, as if asking for more and more.

And yes I keep listening and now I’m getting my kid into it too….

So, yes… Leafs nation thinks every draft pick is going to the next one. Each shift and face off is over analyzed to death. However, it’s a two way street, at least when it comes to radio and websites. It’s all about the traffic and ratings. Gotta get people engaged.

New site is coming, I promise….


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