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Happy Tuesday!

Is anyone else watching the Kevin Bacon series on Fox right now???

So, as promised in the spirit of the Winter Olympics we are going to bring you the Toronto Sports Media Olympics, asking you the consumers who is the best in various categories of sports media here in Toronto.

Today’s category is Major League Baseball

The question: Who in your minds are the Gold, Silver and Bronze providers of MLB coverage here in Toronto?

The criteria is simple: They must create content, so either written (doesn’t have to be a paper), audio or video that is created for the Toronto MLB market. So a play by play person on a radio station is eligible. A writer for a newspaper is eligible. A writer for a USA based website or blog is not eligible. So while Yahoo has some awesome writers, they don’t count. Lastly, the nominee should cover baseball as their main sport so I wouldn’t expect to see any of the feature type writers here.

A sample(non-exhaustive) list in NO order : Richard Griffin, Bob Elliott, John Lott, Shi Davidi, Jeff Blair, Mike Wilner etc

Happy voting!

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