Toronto Sports Media Olympics – Feature Writer

Toronto Sports Media Olympics – Feature Writer


Happy Russia is out of the mens olympic hockey tournament day!

So, as promised in the spirit of the Winter Olympics we are going to bring you the Toronto Sports Media Olympics, asking you the consumers who is the best in various categories of sports media here in Toronto.

The next category is feature writer

The question: Who in your minds are the Gold, Silver and Bronze feature writers here in Toronto?

The criteria is simple: They must write features for a newspaper or website, almost exclusively as part of their job. Stephen Brunt, Michael Grange, I am going to include Steve Simmons, Damien Cox and Jeff Blair in this category too.

Happy voting!


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    I’m confused by what “feature” means in this context. Does Bruce Arthur count?

    I’m actually not that impressed by Brunt’s writing lately, I find his style’s become kind of Flanderized since his Vancouver 2010 essay and working for the Sportsnet magazine. His pieces all kind of sound the same and have a lot of flowery emotive speech but very little substance. He’s taking less and less stands on stuff, and seems to have a “you can’t judge anything, it’s what it is” approach to sports controversy. It might just be me, but I’m finding his stuff pretty empty writing-wise. :\ (I still love him on the radio)

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    1. Arthur
    2. Kelly

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    Agree 100%, Ami. I’ve said for some time that Brunt’s work (outside of PTS) has become more and more irrelevant. I’ve read most of his books and enjoyed them all very much, but this “essay” style of his is pretty lame, imo. Flowery bs.

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    lister 6 years ago

    While at the Globe & Mail, Brunt. I haven’t really read much of his Sportsnet stuff.


    I don’t really have much interest in anyone else.

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    It’s clearly Arthur, Simmons, DiMannio and Cox.

    Oh, sorry. I thought you said worst.

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    My vote is for Bruce Arthur btw, if he counts.