TSN Radio 1050 Extends Mike Richards


I’ll admit I’m surprised that TSN radio has decided to extend their morning man, but hell what do I know?

Multiple sources tell me that Richards, who’s been in the morning drive slot since the station launched, has just signed a new 3 year deal which will keep him in the morning slot.

Richard’s has to be the biggest benefactor of the move of the Toronto maple leafs to the split season between 1050 and 590. Those who listen to the game on their drive home are not likely to change the channel before turning the car off and are more likely to have that channel on for their am drive.

I’ve been pretty consistent that I don’t like the show; in fact I think it’s the weak link on an otherwise good lineup. In all other slots I think tsn offers a good alternative to the fan. There are absolutely segments on each of the TSN shows that I regularly enjoy as mush as of those on the fan. I can’t say that of the morning show. Do they win every slot, every segment? No. Do I flip between the two stations more frequently after the am show? Yes.

Again, I’m but one voice, clearly the tsn folks see or hear something I don’t when it comes to mornings.

CONGRATS to Richards on the new deal


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