Is change in the air with Toronto Sports Media?


The drumbeats have been pounding ever since Rogers went all in with Bettman that changes are in the works for where and how we consume the real national game.

The rumour that I’ve been hearing about the most is the one that Steve Simmons alluded to this am in the return of his weekly column. Namely that the face of Rogers hockey could be the man that was recently considered for a spot on sports radio in a prominent slot, George Stroumboulopoulos.

It would appear that neither Ron Maclean or Darren Millard are going to be “the guy” and instead all the tongues are wagging about Stroumboulopoulos.

That’s not to suggest that either Mallard or Maclean are on the outs or won’t pay a role, however it doesn’t sound like they will play the prominent roles they do now.

The other story that’s making the rounds, is that the current Rogers deal was based upon a pitch that team TSN built and suggested to the league. Bettman apparently loved it and got Rogers to up the ante to a point where TSN execs said good luck with that. Like I said, that’s what I’m hearing – a lot.

So, Mike Richards has a new deal for three more years. I’m hearing that things are ripe for a little bit of a shift at TSN radio after the hockey season. Stay tuned.

Round and round things go at the globe and mail sports department. When it’s all said and done who will be left to turn off the lights?

Have you noticed the ever changing writing landscape in the Canadian sports world? Sportsnet on any given day has prominently featured several “younger” writers who at one point or another may have been accused of living in their basements wearing bathrobes. It’s been a long time since the likes of Down Goes Brown and James Mirtle appeared in print after being online scribes. More and more the likes of Tao of Stieb and others are appearing on the various, more mainstream websites. The latest was Tyler Delow appearing on Sportsnet. It’s great to see good writing being elevated irrespective of the source.

Enjoying the leafs on the radio? It sounds like major changes are coming in the booth there too at the end of the season.


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