Toronto Sports Media NHL Deadline Day

by TSM

Well, it’s one of the busiest sports media days of the year in Canada, along with NHL draft day, NHL free agent day, NHL trade deadline day is an annual event.

It’s literally all hands on every deck from coast to coast. A gazillion hours of programming waiting for something, anything to happen and then, no matter the size of it it gets analyzed to death.

It’s perhaps the fiercest day of competition between radio stations and tv stations as each network races to be first.

Having said all of that, it captures the audience for a full day and it’s good fun.

Here in Toronto it’s a bit unusual as there is usually a ton of rumors about the Maple Leafs from various outlets, however it seems to be the consensus that the Leafs are most likely to stand pat.

It’s also a day that coverage on twitter is phenomenal, it’s great fun watching along as things break and (don’t) as the commentary goes on and on and on.

So, having said that, it’s deadline day, where do you get your news? Sportsnet, TSN, Fan590, TSN 1050, Twitter, other blogs?????


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