CRTC Wants More Canadian Content In Adult TV


No, this isn’t a cheap way to gather more eyeballs.

It’s yet another example of just how silly this whole CanCon argument is.

If you haven’t heard, in reviewing channel applications, the CRTC, the governmental agency, in all it’s wisdom has decided that the networks aren’t abiding by the 35% Canadian content requirement.

That’s the law in this country. Broadcasters have to program at least 35% of their content from Canadian sources.

I love this article by Kate Taylor in the Globe and Mail:

“But in a land awash in American programming, Canadian content regulations have a larger purpose, to reserve some portion of cultural space for domestic product so that Canadians occasionally see Canada and Canadians on TV.”


Do people believe that if there wasn’t a Canadian content minimum, Canadians would no longer be in “the arts”?

Whatever happened to offering the audience the best programming available?

I am biased, I admit it. I watch a lot of content via online sources. Hulu and Netflix to name but two. I happen to like the Canadian medical drama show Saving Hope. Similarly there are shows on the BBC I watch regularly too. 99% of the shows on US network stations I have no interest in. I don’t really care where good content comes from. I will watch it regardless of the source.

I don’t believe for one second that rising Canadian talent will suffer if all of the sudden there is no minimum Canadian content law.

Maybe I am naive and ignorant, I just think that removing the CanCon requirement will result in a better entertainment for Canadians without harming the talent they are trying to protect. The cream will rise to the top.

As for the government wasting their time on the porn thing…. Our tax dollars hard at work.

I just hope those fishing shows are meeting their 35% commitment too.

And yes, this has an effect on sports media too. What we are able to see, listen to and watch is effected by CanCon too.



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