Toronto Sports Media Twitter Fights


While many of you may have been asleep last night, some of us were watching the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Anaheim Ducks.

For those of you who know me, you know I am a huge Twitter fan and I believe that it’s the one “tool” that’s enhanced sports and entertainment home viewing more than any other. The ability to interact in real time with others following the game, or the show is the true definition of a social network. Why go to the bar when you can enjoy the camaraderie from home?

What’s unique about twitter is that those who get paid to cover the game are also visible in real time and interacting in real time too. I didn’t spend a ton of time in press boxes pre twitter but we the fans certainly didn’t get to observe the scribes chatting, joking or even talking. While we still can’t see them, those who are inclined do open up and express their opinions on all sort of things in the midst of an event. What makes it even more brilliant in my opinion is that most of those who participate aren’t shy to express their opinions about or to their fellow MSMer.

There have been several good examples of this and last night during the leafs ducks game there was another this time between the Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons and the Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle. You can see some of it here, but if you do a search for either on Twitter you will see the bulk of it. All good stuff and fun to watch from the outside.

Happy pre-blizzard Tuesday!

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