Change in Media landscape


Greetings from the cloudy Caribbean Sea.

Lots going on.

The CBC is apparently going to eliminate over 650 jobs over the next two years as the impact of losing any financial benefit of hockey night in Canada sets in. Safe bet that the CBC is out of the sports business.

Some minor confusion yesterday as the Toronto Star lost two, count em two, long time staffers. Both Damien Cox and Cathal Kelly have decided to move on from Rosie’s paper.

Many of you emailed or dm’d me that both are headed to the globe and mail. Well that’s partially true. Kelly is in fact going to be the main sports writer for the globe and mail as he replaces Jeff Blair a the last real national writer the paper had in the sports world.

“All the cliches are true. I’m saddened to say goodbye to a family I’ve shared for 14 years, and thrilled to join the new one.”

That was Kelly’s tweet to the world yesterday.

Cox is not jumping ship to the competition as Kelly is. Damien is becoming a full time Rogers man. While continuing to appear on PTS he will be focused on the new Sportsnet NHL package, in addition to some other things from time to time.

Cox appeared to be melancholy about leaving the toronto star when reached last night:

“I’ve been there for 29 years. It’s the only place I’ve ever known and in many ways it just breaks my heart to leave. They’ve been wonderful to me in so many ways, both professional and personal.”

The Star, like the globe is undergoing a large change in those who cover sports. Many of their prominent big writers have now moved on. Rogers meanwhile has built up an impressive roster of writers who used to cover the game on a daily basis.

If there were some imagination there they could lead the future of how we read about sports in the years to come, it can’t be a about radio and tv can it??? No, I’m not ignoring the interweb. I’m just wondering what the future looks like in the sports news consumption world. I don’t believe we’ve seen it yet.

Perhaps the sea air has gotten to my brain…..

More to come as we learn more about changes with the toronto maple leafs and Brendan Shanahan.


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