Barkley & McCown

by Rob G

Had a chuckle to myself after posting my comment to TSM’s rant yesterday. TSM perfectly summarized my thoughts. “I am certainly not hearing the type of information I want to hear”, he said. He questioned whether this is a function of getting old. Some said in the comments section that was the case. I’m not so sure, but that’s a discussion for another day.

My comment to his rant referred to my “writer’s block” for posting on this site, driven primarily by uninspiring sports radio. Ironically, while on the road doing my real job today, I heard something I wanted to make sure you were aware of. Inspiration struck at the corner of Kennedy & Lawrence. Go figure.

Tim & Sid had Charles Barkley on as a guest in the 2 o’clock hour. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen. Barkley was his usual self, if you care for his schtick. Two things stood out for me. One was his comment regarding Miami Heat fans. “Miami fans are only front runners”, he said. He was very impressed with the Toronto fans, not only at the ACC, but more so the crowd outside. His best take was regarding the hyperbole heard in the media today regarding players. So many good players are referred to as great players, when they really aren’t. So true.

Finally, I had to chuckle listening to Grumpy McCown today. He was going on about how the Blue Jays were wearing cold weather gear last season in an early season series in Detroit, amongst the gear being balaclavas. The intimation was that they were wimps. This coming from a guy that rarely misses an opportunity to share with us lately about his “kick-ass” barbecue currently in the final stages of installation, which amongst other things, will be enclosed and heated in the winter to allow him to barbecue year round. Bobcat, join the rest of us on our deck on a cold January night, barbecuing our steak between the 1st and 2nd period (after Coach’s Corner), during a lovely Canadian winter. Man up!

Pot, allow me to introduce you to kettle. Fade to black.

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