Challenges At Rogers Led To Quiet Blue Jays Offseason?


Earlier this week Rogers released it’s latest earnings. While the media side of the business decent numbers, the rest of the business continued in it’s recent challenged results.

There was lots of speculation over the winter that the driver for the crickets out of Blue Jays land was a tightening of the purse strings at HQ. However, many of the same “it’s early” voices from last season tried to quash that story.

Many Rogers insiders are telling me that at least in the inner circle and at company functions those close to the action are admitting that the Blue Jays weren’t given access to the incremental funds they would have liked due to tough times the parent company is enduring.

A couple of folks are telling me that Paul Beeston himself is admitting the same thing.

Rogers has a new CEO in Guy Laurence and to date he’s been doing a ton of travelling and listening. It sounds like we will know his plans in about a months time. Many are expecting significant changes in the way the company operates. What that means for those in the sports and media part of the company is anyones guess.

From what I am hearing though, the whispers over the winter of belt tightening seem to be getting validated, at least quietly so far.

Here’s a good review of the latest Rogers earnings.


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