Changes At TSN Radio


Happy Sunday all!

So changes in the air at TSN radio as Robert Gray will be handing over the reigns of TSN radio Toronto to Jeff MacDonald, most recently of the NHL Network. Grey will be heading back to Vancouver but not to be the pd of the Vancouver TSN station, but rather to be an uber revenue and ratings guru for all the TSN radio properties.

What does it mean?

Hard to say.

What I’d like to think it means is that TSN will start to look to it’s radio properties as real media outlets and not just promo tools for their tv network. They have good talent and the medium to deliver quality content when it happens. They’ve actively chosen not to do that in the past. Let’s see of it makes a difference. Having a hockey guy I there should be interesting too.

I’ll say this, there was an article the other day about the future of TSN now that they no longer have hockey games on the tv side. The article in the star in my mind missed the biggest point; their website is an embarrassing joke. I no longer even go check it as the content is simply irrelevant. All it really is, is a billboard for the tv network. It needs to be and could be so much better- Sportsnet kills it.



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