Bob Cole + Others Jump To Rogers NHL Team


What’s the best way to get advertisers all geeked up to spend tons of dough on your network? Rogers believes it’s by throwing a huge (north of a million dollar I’m told ) bash to announce what’s on for the upcoming year.

With a small investment in hockey, Rogers will announce today that Bob Cole, Jim Hughson, Dave Randorf and Paul Romanuk are all joining Teds network as part of the annual bash to sell ads.

Look for other Rogers news to leak throughout the day as they celebrate their 2014-15 lineup



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    Elliott still hanging in the breeze.

    Who will host PTS with everyone at the upfront?

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    D. Smith 7 years ago

    Not a bad start. Really looking forward to Romanuk and Randorf. Going to miss them covering international hockey and Randorf’s work on the CFL.

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    Antonio 7 years ago

    Randorf would be good – if he could lose his lisp.

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    I like Randorf and obviously Cole is a legend, but I always found Hughson a little stale, like he’s trying to put emotion into his work but maybe it’s not quite there. Cuthbert will be missed for sure – I can’t imagine him being happy with covering only regional games and the world juniors.

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    RoanicVSDjokovic 7 years ago

    Paul Romanuk is a good get (one that is out of the blue). It’ll be nice to hear his voice more regularly. Bob Cole is Bob Cole – that’s enough said. But the other hires? Doesn’t illicit much anticipation or excitement for Rogers’ takeover of NHL.

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    They’re spending a million dollars on a *party* for their hockey broadcasts, but the Jays players have to pass a hat around to sign Santana?


    Really wish TSN had gotten the hockey deal.

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    I think the six-year deal with Scotiabank signals how long Rogers plans to go as the sole carrier of NHL games. If Rogers isn’t making money on this deal after six years, it starts hiving off game packages to TSN. Rogers is paying more than double what the CBC and TSN paid in combination. TSN made roughly $100 on about $400 million in revenue last year so the network was profitable, though no one knows if the network made money on its NHL package alone. Rogers plans to create lots of auxiliary programming around its NHL coverage and that should help offset the cost but making a profit seems unlikely unless one or two big-ticket Canadian teams win the Cup or at least become highly competitive over the course of the deal.
    The deal to air games over the CBC network only run for four years so what happens after that? There are some rumours that Rogers could buy the Global network from Shaw, but if not, Rogers’ TV package becomes less valuable if it’s not being broadcast over the air (not only on cable or satellite).
    The other issue is that you can have lots of talent on board but it’s only as good as the technical crew working in the background. Nothing Rogers does seems to work seamlessly so I think it’s reasonable to expect a steady supply of technical glitches in years one and two — at least.
    I’m glad to see Bob Cole get another shot and I can’t help but think the outpouring of affection for BC on Twitter and other places helped him secure a gig with Rogers.
    Randorf is the only “Huh?” for me in this group. He’s average at best and I think there’s probably a new voice out there that could have filled the hole. I mean where’s the next Bob Cole? The next Hughson? These guys aren’t young. You could still argue that the TSN hockey crew — even without a national TV package — is better than the Rogers group.
    Let’s hope Rogers doesn’t further raid the CBC on-air cupboard. Stock, Hrudey and Friedman have passed their best-before dates.

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    Jacob 7 years ago

    @Brian I think you’re not looking at the big picture. This is not TSN vs. Sportsnet, but more Bell vs. Rogers, or more accurately, Rogers vs. cable cutters. If you look at both Bell and Roger’s annual report (they are both publicly traded companies, so their annual report is open to anyone with an Internet connection) it becomes clear that revenue and profit from their media properties is tiny in comparison to the money they make from providing service to cable/satellite television.

    Therefore, Rogers didn’t spend $5.2 billion to help ensure that advertisers come to Sportsnet. They spent that money to entice customers to buy Roger’s cable because they can see the NHL cheaper there.

    Let me explain how that works. Currently, the cheapest package for Rogers nets you Sportsnet, but not Tsn. While the cheapest package for Bell provides you Tsn, but not Sportsnet. So if you’re a hockey fan, you would want to subscribe to Roger’s cable because that gets you Sportsnet, and therefore hockey, for cheaper. So really Rogers is leveraging their media properties to help pad the real money makers in the company: their cable television service.

    As for Rogers buying Global, I believe that can’t happen because both the Roger owned City and Global are classified under the same classification. The competition bureau will squash Rogers buying Global because one company cannot own multiple channels under the same classification. However, I’m not 100% sure on that, there may be some clause that circumvents this rule.

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    Chunky 7 years ago

    Glad to see Romanuk’s back. Been a fan of his since the World Jr Championship Drive for 5… The first one… Also, it was weird to hear Greg Brady interview him, they sound like voice twins..

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    Not much of a ‘big’ announcement. Cole & Hughson were already with HNIC, and while not officially signed with Sportsnet, who cares. Rogers should have saved the Bob Cole news until the moment he walked out at the up fronts. ( Glad they kept cole, hope Hughson gets shuffled west and I never have to listen to him do a Leafs game again ). A CFL play by play guy and Romanuk comes back. I like Romanuk, forgot about him.

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    Antonio 7 years ago

    You’re right on many points but I expect Rogers to start parceling off segments of their coverage within a few years. This is a bad deal – on so many levels.

    Yes, Canadians are hockey crazy but how many really want to watch Nashville vs Florida? They should have concentrated the rights to only Canadian teams – there is way more bang for their buck that way.

    The other thing that will hurt Rogers is that their service is inferior to Ball Fibe. Ask anyone who’s watched both services and the obvious winner is Fibe. That will keep some customers away.

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    Romanuk will surpass Hughson as main man, mark my words,he is the hidden gem here, been away far too long Paul, welcome back !!! Romanuk much more style an charisma..Cole-esk…send Hughson back to Left Coast…

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    Yeah, I forgot about Romanuk. Very underrated. Why was he not more involved at TSN? I know they have Cuthbert and Miller (real pros), but Romanuk seemed to be pushed to the periphery from some reason. And again, I just don’t understand the appeal of Hughson.

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    Romanuk left TSN many years ago to join TEAM 1050 radio………when that station went belly up he ended up moving to England because his wife got a really good job there

    Here is a link to a Zelkovich article from 2009 about Romanuk:

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    OldPd 7 years ago

    Romanuk was also the radio play-by-play voice of the Raptors for 2 seasons before he moved to England.

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    Cheers for that, Mike.

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    Noticed that Romanuk was on PTS so clicked to listen to the podcast… heard Shannon so had to flick it off… a pity.

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    Nan Young Lee 7 years ago

    New CEO Guy Laurence has removed Edward Rogers and Melinda Rogers from day to day operations at Rogers and got Ted’s former right hand man, Vice Chairman Phil Lind, to retire by the end of the year. I wonder how long he’s going to give the new NHL deal to start making money. This isn’t Nadir Mohamed.

    Nice to see some class in the competitive sport media business:

    James Duthie @tsnjamesduthie · Jun 3
    Maybe now I’ll get to golf more with @DaveRandorf in the summer. Terrific play-by-play man (and host)…even better guy.

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie · Jun 3
    Welcome back to North America to my old pal @paul_romanuk. All the best to another good friend @DaveRandorf.

    Bob Mackowycz ‏@BobMackowycz 10 Mar 2014
    Today is a great day for my two brothers @JeffMarek and @strombo. From Day 1, both have worked hard, dreamed big and done right by others.

    I see England is in Florida training for the World Cup. I wonder how they’re finding it:

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    @ JACOB You make some excellent big-picture points. But the devil is in the details. If Rogers produces an inferior product, will people still watch? While having all the hockey may initially boost cable/mobile subscribers, will those numbers drop if viewers don’t like what they see? I think ratings only hold or move higher if there are Canadian teams advancing deep into the playoffs. Thus content not product will move the needle.
    If Canadian teams are not succeeding like the Kings or Blackhawks I doubt Rogers’ hockey ratings will exceed those of TSN — and thus won’t boost subscribers either.
    Let’s look at some numbers: Rogers is paying an average of about $430 million a season for all the NHL rights (minus TSN’s regional deals in Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal) in Canada. If Rogers were to sell a package to TSN, I doubt that would happen for less than $100 million.
    The basic Rogers cable package is $50 (with cable box rental). That means Rogers would need to add 2 million subscribers — a fluctuating number — to reach $100 million. Do you see 2 million more subscribers jumping aboard the Jolly Rogers just for the NHL?
    Any way you measure it, it’s a huge gamble and not one undertaken by Guy Laurence, the current Rogers CEO. If this deal starts bleeding money, Rogers will cut their losses. That’s how corporate Canada works.

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    Greg Brady tweet:

    Greg Brady @bradyfan590 · 2h
    A sincere thank you to ALL listeners of @BradyAndWalker – the show in spring had HIGHEST ratings In Fan590 morning show history.

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    Nan Young Lee 7 years ago

    Interesting that potential expansion city Las Vegas was the 10th best market for the first game 1 between Rangers/Kings. No Seattle or Kansas City in the top ten. Even Philadelphia and Chicago absent.

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    Sinnacle 7 years ago

    Everyone keeps missing out of the fact that TVA is cutting Rogers a cheque for $120 million a year for the French rights. Plus the fact HNIC generates between $120-170 million a year for CBC that is now mostly flowing over to Rogers. Add to that the new Wednesday and Sunday night games plus the money that is shifting over from people who bought advertising on TSN previous add that all up and Rogers will end up doing just fine especially in the later years of this deal. That is also not even counting any revenue earned from digital or any new media during the next 12 years. The same people saying this will cause doom and gloom for Rogers would of been the same ones who called FOX crazy when they bought the NFL rights package from CBS in 1994.

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    Not surprised about philly ratings. They are a flyers town, not a hockey town. As soon as they lose in playoffs, people tuen attention to phillies and eagles.

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    Drumanchor 7 years ago

    Despite his flaws, both real and somewhat imagined, I am glad to see that Bob Cole is back calling games. Clearly, he is not the same announcer that he was 20 – 30 years ago but he still has that same unique and exciting style in how he describes the action. I like him – and hope he is back calling Leaf games next season.

    As for Hughson, I agree with Yaz. He is best suited to calling western games

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    Pretty strong foursome, though many were surprised that Paul Romanuk came back from England but he still carries a lot cache in hockey and smartly kept his name out there with the Spengler Cup and the Olympics. Rogers still needs a regional guy for Calgary with Rob Kerr not being back and now hosting the afternoon show on Fan960.

    I know a lot of people would love to see Bob Cole back and calling the Leafs, but Jim Hughson unquestionably be the #1 guy at Rogers, and as such, he will get the Saturday and likely Sunday primetime slots. I think it is time to put to rest any notion of a Jim Hughson western bias/announcer.

    I cannot envision any scenario that sees Rogers sublet to TSN. They will work hard to create a unique brand utilizing all the platforms, and means of streaming. Can’t see them doing that and then turning anything over to TSN.

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    Todays’s PTS roundtable will apparently be McCown, Shannon, Perkins, and Grange

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    Link to recent ratings, Feb to May 2014:

    Overall Adults:
    1050 – 1.0
    590 – 3.6

    Men 25-54
    1050 – 2.9
    590 – 6.7

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    (Another) Andrew 7 years ago

    I think it is time to put to rest any notion of a Jim Hughson western bias/announcer

    OK, but he’s still not very good compared to TSN’s current line-up.

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    Quebecor would buy City (and any other assets that may be an issue with competition bureau) and all of Rogers-Shaw (Cable and TV) would merge thus allowing them to own Global and many more speciality channels. That is/has been the rumour for 2015-2016. However, Guy Laurence is in the middle of shaking up the inside of Rogers so that may not happen anytime soon. There is also possibility, if slim, CBC sells off stations in some markets, like the east where City is not, allowing City to be more national.

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    Really, Randorf and Romanuk ,you got to be kidding, that’s the best Sportsnet, the king of slipping commercials into the action, could do. Romanuk is the worst of the worst, drather listen to crappy American announcers than him. Sportsnet will make hockey unwatchable

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    Hunter 7 years ago

    Praying Hughson goes west and Cole and Romanuk call Leafs games Rogers knows Leafs fans hate Hughson.

    Someone please make my day and tell me Rogers has let the atrociously awful Greg Millen go and upgraded Leafs broadcasts with a better color man?

    It’s all Rogers hoopla hype anyway as far as the on ice watered down product goes Gary Bettman’s 30 TEAM NHL FREAKING SUCKS!!!!! The NHL should consist of 20 teams better on ice product & a more financially stable league period end of story.