Toronto Sports Media Radio Ratings Preview


So I haven’t seen the full books yet and all I have seen in part is the morning stuff between Brady/walker and Richards.

Here is what I’m told so far: Brady/Walker lead over Richards is 1 share point for male audience 18-49 and 2 points share for males 25-54.

The fan morning show has seen some of it not it’s highest numbers ever while at the same time seeing it’s competition generate strong numbers as well. It’s a good news story for the fan.

At TSN it’s also good news as they’ve significantly cut Into the lead. They are in second place, at least on this book the leader is in sight.

What does it mean??

Well, it’s all we have so it’s the system. I’ve written over and over what a lousy system it is but it’s bad for everyone.

Why the spikes? Personally I’d think the Raptors run helped all as well as the nhl playoffs. Interesting to see what effect the jays being on only one network has on both stations. I’d suspect the fan will soar as the jays do and TSN the opposite.

I should have the full report this week


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