Should The Jays Make A Move?

By: Mark S.


In a media scrum on Wednesday afternoon, Alex Anthopolous was asked how he could improve his current roster as the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

Anthopolous didn’t confirm if any player is “untouchable” when it comes to trades, but giving up highly coveted players in Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez would be pretty tough.

Those two players would require a significant package in return. But if they do decide to make a trade, they should consider keeping at least one of players for the future.

Stroman’s 4.01 ERA might not look great thanks to a whopping 13.28 ERA coming out of the bullpen. Since he’s been a starter he has only allowed 10 runs in 6 starts with a 2.49 ERA in that span. In my opinion if he’s giving the Blue Jays a chance to win every single game don’t trade him.

Sanchez might be a little more expendable. His year hasn’t been great, with a 3.82 ERA in AA New Hampshire and a 4.43 ERA in AAA Buffalo. If his trade value is most likely the highest it’s ever been I would trade him.

Stroman has already shown that he can start at the big league level. Sanchez has a lot of work to do; he doesn’t have a win in AAA and has only 3 wins in AA. He still needs to find consistency with his arm slot but his coaches are encouraged with his progress. The 22 year old might have an innings limit but could play an inning every now and then with the Blue Jays, when he’s ready.

Anthopolous has liked what Sanchez has done so far saying “I’m convinced that they’ve got him on the right track and he’ll be ready if we have a need”.

These players might not be “untouchable” but if the deal makes sense the GM should make a move.  If they do make a move however, it would be hard to see Stroman or Sanchez go. But if management thinks that their time is now, they should go all in.

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