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On my drive home this evening I had the joy of flipping between really good interviews on both the Fan and TSN Radio. McCown was about to interview Dale Tallon, GM of the Florida Panthers while Naylor was talking to Dirk Hayhurst.

Hayhurst is a former MLB pitcher turned MSMer. He’s really good on the radio and never afraid to share his opinion. Personally, I’ve found him to be a little long winded, but he is certainly not filtered and as a former player he brings a unique perspective to this market.

Turns out he isn’t a bad writer either. I know from personal experience that many of you read with a red pen, so I am not talking about his use of grammar, but rather how readable he is 🙂

He has a story on the net right now on the subject of marijuana in MLB. It’s really a fascinating read, and given his former life as a player he adds some really good perspective to it.

“As far back as I can remember, players were getting high. Guys in the minors, on or off the 40-man, would take apples from the locker-room spread, hollow them out and then sneak behind dumpsters and smoke an apple pipe. In Triple-A, the now-defunct Portland Beavers would hide in stadium supply tunnels doing the old puff-puff-pass before jumping a knuckleball fight over the Rocky Mountains. I’ve even seen coaches toking up with their players.

No one says a word about any of it. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. It all falls under the code: What happens within the team stays within the team. If that weren’t the case, a guy could snap pics of another player getting high and turn it in to the organization, in the hopes of expediting his own career over someone else’s. Never happens.”

Now, I assume this is true, I have no reason to believe Hayhurst is lying; and if that is the case then man I want to be around when he shows up in the next locker-room! I guess the code only lasts until you are card paying member of the MLBPA. I am not trying to bash Hayhurst, as I said I think it’s a really interesting piece. I do wonder what those playing think when one of them, or at least, one who used to be one of them breaks what was the code….

We are a little bit insulated from it here I would think. The NFL and NBA from coast to coast are filled with former players in the press corp. Locally, we get former hockey players in the press, more so on the TV side and on the baseball side not so much – save for Buck Martinez and Hayhurst.

I for one am not about to get on any soapbox and preach against or for marijuana or the use of it in professional sports. I will say that I’ve suspected what Hayhurst is selling in all sports not just baseball for many years. That’s not based upon anything other than a hunch.

I hope Hayhurst keeps writing and speaking from his past experience, I am not so sure how welcome he is going to be around players if he keeps this up, but that’s not my problem.

Down the dial, McCown came back from the break with Doug Smith (squeak squeak) and had Tallon on. I raise this only in that it was another example of the McCown turtle. I think that it’s safe to say that Dale Tallon is FOB. He is on the air a lot and even tonight McCown ended the segment by remarking just how much he enjoys having Tallon on the show. However, on several occasions, this week especially, McCown has remarked at how crazy the amount of money Tallon had spent on FA’s this week was. Numerous times he said that the owners in Florida are fooling no one if they think they can make it work while spending north of $50m on player salaries (yes, there is a floor). However, tonight when Tallon was on, there was no talk of that at all.

I get the notion of not speaking rudely to a guest in your home. However, it did seem a little odd to not mention any of it when he had been harping on it all week. Then again, that’s why he’s the king of talk radio in Toronto.

Happy Thursday


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