Weekend Open Thread

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Last week Cathal Kelly and Steve Simmons tried to lay claim to the title of worst sports journalist in Toronto. Their efforts were strong and compelling. This apparently angered the reigning champion. He went to Twitter to assert his rightful place on the throne.




I don’t know Damian Cox and I’ve been told it is not nice to speculate about a person’s mental states, general happiness, quality as a human being, decency as a colleague, etc,. so I won’t. I’ll restrict myself to the Cox that engages with the public. Let’s list his accomplishments:


  • Co-ruiner of PTS
  • Hypocrite about the need to declare bias
  • Grim Reaper (he knows about your death before you do)
  • Corporate puppet
  • Lazy and outdated hockey writer
  • Colossal asshole on Twitter


Mirtle called out TSN colleague Simmons for unprofessional behaviour last week. Let’s see if any Sportsnet people speak up about how Cox makes them all look bad.


Honestly, people who talk about the Jays at SN already have a difficult time convincing the audience of their objectivity. Homers like Wilner and Buck make that even harder. With Rogers controlling national NHL rights, all hockey people at SN are going to be under even greater scrutiny for bias. Cox has just made everyone’s life more difficult.


This tweet more or less sums up the value that Cox is bringing to the table these days.




Congratulations Sportsnet. You really locked up an asset there.


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