What’s Happening to the Toronto Blue Jays?

By: Mark S.

When Mark Buehrle won his major-league leading 10th game of the season on June 1st, the Blue Jays were 10 games over .500 with a 3.5 game lead in the AL East. Fast forward to today and you will still see 10 wins on his record. To make matters worse the team’s barely hanging onto the second wildcard spot. What’s happened to this team? Injuries are once again the key reason and this is why. These 3 players being injured is the reason in my opinion the Jays have been struggling.

Emerging Canadian 3rd basemen, or 2nd basemen if you think so in Brett Lawrie, has been out for over month with a fractured finger. His .244 average isn’t spectacular but his defensive play has been gold glove material. Don’t forget to mention that this kid’s only 24 years old and could play multiple positions. Their duo combo consisting of Munenori Kawasaki and Steve Tolleson hasn’t been very successful.  Lawrie is a star in the making and sitting on the DL doesn’t help.

Next on my list is slugger Edwin Encarnacion. When he was traded for Scott Rolen, nobody expected much out of this guy. But after 5 seasons with the team he’s hit exactly 100 home-runs. That’s 82 home-runs less than the teams active home-run leader and 2-time Hank Aaron and AL Silver Slugger Jose Bautista. Just like Bautista, nobody expected this much offence out of him. Edwin’s home-runs and RBI totals are still in the top 10 in the league despite being out since July 7th.  He needs to come back fast, who else is going to help out in the home-run category besides Bautista? Only one player besides these two has 15 homers this season and he’s barely playing. That’s right Juan Francisco, I’m talking to you.

Last but not least, and some people might be surprised about this one is Brandon Morrow. He might have thrown his last pitch as a Jay since he has a club option of $10 million for next season. That’s pretty pricy for a talented but brittle right-handed pitcher. Being injury prone his whole career he’s shown some brilliance as well. In 2012 when he actually pitched over 100 innings, which is hard to believe, he had a 2.96 ERA. With injuries in the way the last two seasons, he’s pitched just under 82 innings. To make it worse his ERA has ballooned up to 5.78 since his breakout season. Say the Jays pick up his option next season, he can be one of the key players for success. If he’s healthy enough that is.


So should the Jays make a trade with these individuals being absent? Players in Cliff Lee, Chase Utley and Rays Ace David Price are just a few of several people available. Leave a comment on what you think the Jays should do, as it looks like their time is running out.

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Sam in Scarb
Sam in Scarb
July 26, 2014 10:45 am

Very simple and now fact.This week tied in the AL for second with NYY and 1 1/2 games out of wild card.
Both teams clearly needed help at 2nd & 3rd base.
The NYY trade for Chase Headly (a career 266 ave. with over 400 RBI) without giving up anyone on their current roster.
The Blue Jays called up Ryan Goins from AAA Buffalo.
Does anymore have to be said?

July 26, 2014 10:18 pm

@ Sam – I agree I’ll be pissed if the Jays aren’t allowed to take on money, but Chase Headley has been terrible and injured this year… so I’m not sure missing him is really a big deal.

July 26, 2014 10:20 pm

This last month and a half has sucked, but I’m not sure I’d put it that the Jays time looks like it’s running out. Right now they’re tied for a playoff spot.

Getting EE, Lind and Lawrie back should help a ton. Hopefully it’ll be a fun Aug/Sept!

July 24, 2016 9:58 pm

Hello to all,

I’m from Montreal and a good fan of the Jays although not as knowledgeable of the team as some of you. But one thing is really bothering me and I guess it’s been discussed before but I have serious problem standing why Dickey is still pitching for this team. At the minimum, one time out of two, he does not survive the 3rd or 4th inning, most of the time leaving the team so much behind that there’s virtually no chance to come back. Someone can explain ?

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