The World Of The Written Word In Toronto Sports Media


A few years ago the deck chairs were shuffled in the world of sports radio in Toronto. There’s been movement recently in the written world of sports media in Toronto and with the hockey pre-season insanity almost upon us it’s time to review:

National Post named Scott Stinson as their new national sports columnist.

TSN has hired Rick Westhead, formerly of the Toronto Star.

Damien Cox is no longer at the Toronto Star.

Jeff Blair is no longer at the Globe and Mail

Cathal Kelly is now at the Globe and Mail

Bruce Arthur is now at the Toronto Star

I am sure I missed at least one writer, if not many…

Dizzy yet????

I have to believe that much of this change is a direct response to the ever changing world of digital media and the ways in which we consume content. Seriously, if you needed a program to know which players were on each team every time a new season starts it was exciting; now you need a program to know where to find your favorite scribe!

It’s all good though and so far the work done by those who’ve made the move has been positive.

It will get more telling as we approach the annual nuttiness that is Maple Leafs/hockey season but I think it’s clear that consumer is the true beneficiary of all the changes (except I’m hoping that the scribes themselves are getting paid more handsomely for making the change!)

In my opinion, the best change so far has been Jeff Blair moving from the Globe to the paperless Rogers Sportsnet. Blair is posting a regular column that marries his radio program to his written prowess. It’s really effective and has become a must read on my list of columns to ensure that I hit. His latest is here

Who’s work are missing? Who’s new home are you loving???


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