Thursday Toronto Sports Media Musings


Couple or quick thoughts on a Thursday night:

One interview does not make for much of a sample size but the PTS segment tonight where Alex Anthopoulos was interviewed by Sid Seixeiro & Elliotte Friedman was as good as it gets on PTS.

One day McCown will be gone and it’s rare moments like that segment that suggest perhaps life will go on at the fan when he’s gone.

Why was it so so good? Easy. The questions asked were the exact ones we as fans wanted asked. AA didn’t say very much in his answers, it was, to me anyway, all about the questions and the back and forth. Really good radio.

I am reminded each and every day I listen to sports radio that the more the hosts add shtick or gimmick to their shows the less listenable they are. Classic example to me is Richards in the morning and Tim and Sid. Both shows are good when the hosts stick to being sports radio hosts; talking the games, the issues and interviewing guests. Air horns, songs and other diversions make them annoying and instantly force me to switch stations.

I have no clue whether or not he is ever right, but is there a more colourful host on radio than Dirk Hayhurst?

The more I listen to Brady and Walker in the morning, the more it’s starting to sound like Walker and Brady. Anyone else seem to sense a shift in who is driving the show????

Discuss amongst yourselves, who is missed more from their show; David Naylor or Bob McCown???

Anyone else watching the tv show Tyrant??? How about Black Box. I’m liking them both.

I’ve seen one good movie this summer- Chef. It’s good fun for fellow foodies and a good flick to take the kids to too.

If you have never been to the Rogers Cup tournament in Toronto you are missing the best live sports event in the city.

Lionel Richie was at the Molson Amphitheatre last night and yours truly was there. Lionel looked the same, sounded like a lounge bar singer and it was good fun. One thing that drives me nuts. When people refer to Toronto they call it Toronto, Canada. Every time he referred to Toronto it was “Toronto, Canada”. When he plays Detroit is it “Detroit, USA”??????

Lots of opinions on whether the blue jays should or shouldn’t have made a trade today. To me the good news is that we are talking blue jays baseball on or about August 1.

Anyone else notice the morning after the Maple Leafs signed Jake Gardner every radio station led their sports news segments with a recap of the blue jays win the night before. Over at the Fan, it was Leafs first – then Jays. I know hockey town first – just kind of odd given news of the signing broke during afternoon drive.

Happy Friday/long weekend


I wrote this on my iphone so pardon typos!!

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